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Who Wants The NCW Femme Fatales Championship More At NCW Femme Fatales XV?

This Saturday in beautiful Montreal, NCW Femme Fatales will have one of the most talked about main events in their promotion’s near five year history, and four of the best women’s wrestlers will be involved. Four of women’s wrestling’s most decorated champions and most talented athletes collide as the reigning NCW Femme Fatales Champion Mercedes Martinez takes on not one, not two, but three formidable opponents in SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa, WSU Champion LuFisto, and former Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush in a Fatal Four-Way match to determine a new champion. With a combined 52 years of wrestling experience, these ladies know how to win in big game situations and this match should have a lot of near falls and submission attempts. For those who don’t understand the background of this match, let’s go back into time, shall we? The Story So Far Although LuFisto and Melissa appeared in the first NCW Femme Fatales, Mercedes and Courtney made numerous appearances in the promotion, but in 2012, their paths would somehow intertwine. With Melissa’s match against Hailey Hatred getting rave reviews from the fans, the seeds of LuFisto’s war with “The Latina Sensation” were starting to grow. The blood feud between them got so ugly there were two matches that got totally out of hand. In one match LuFisto was badly roughed up by not only by Mercedes, but also the dangerous Saraya Knight. LuFi’s faithful student Kalamity tried to get involved, but to no avail. It took “The Female Terminator” and “The Winnipeg Suplex Machine” to pull the plug on the carnage left by Sweet Saraya and Mercedes Martinez. 2013 began on a high note for the four women. Even though LuFisto and Melissa were competing for the SHIMMER Championship, it was Melissa who got the gold in April. But with LuFisto’s bloody match with then-champion Saraya Knight that gotten so brutal NCW Femme Fatales has been a war zone. Mercedes was able to capture the NCW Femme Fatales Championship from Kalamity, and as of right now she is the longest reigning champion between the WSU Championship and the SHIMMER Championship; all of them considered to be the triple crown of women’s wrestling in North America. Courtney Rush has gotten a hold of the Bellatrix World Championship after she win it from Allison Danger. While the four women dominated the headlines in 2013, their paths would come at a turning point. When Cheerleader Melissa battled Courtney Rush to see who can become the next contender for Mercedes’ crown, it ended up as a double DQ. While Rush was aching for a rematch, she was sidelined with an injury. At the same time LuFisto was hampered with an injury, Mercedes began her run at the top of the NCW Femme Fatales food chain. When she partnered with Melissa to take on Sweet Cherrie and LuFisto, it became apparent that Mercedes and Melissa now have an agenda in mind; ending LuFisto’s career. At SHIMMER Volume 60, it was LuFisto that bloodied Melissa (albeit accidentally) and ended her streak of matches on every SHIMMER Volume. Now it heads to NCW Femme Fatales with uglier consequences. But with the help of Courtney Rush, LuFisto and Cherrie picked up the win even though it is not over between the four individuals. While Mercedes got the win over three young talented ladies at the last event and LuFisto picking up the victory over Nikki Storm, the anticipated rematch between Melissa and Rush didn’t have a winner thanks in part of Mercedes Martinez. Now the stage is set for four of the most celebrated and decorated women in professional wrestling today will face off to see who comes away with the NCW Femme Fatales Championship. Why Mercedes Martinez Should Win What makes Mercedes Martinez so crafty in the ring? The veteran know-how, a solid ring general, and can utilize every trick in the book to get ahead. With her Fisherman Buster as a spot-on finisher, don’t expect this to be a walk in the park for Mercedes. She had faced some of women’s wrestling’s toughest and brightest throughout her storied career and has been successful every single time. In 2010, she was named #2 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Female 50. She also has the honor of holding the WSU Championship twice, once holding it for over 1,000 days; a three-year run at the top. Although her history with LuFisto and Cheerleader Melissa are highly documented, her encounter with Courtney Rush was albeit brief. They both faced off at SHIMMER Volume 62 for the NCW Femme Fatales Championship where Mercedes picked up the victory. In order to keep the two experienced veterans and a star on the rise at bay, she has to keep them extremely busy at all times, where she can get to one opponent and work on the other. Also, she has to remain crafty at all times in order to escape again with the gold. She has faced some young competition in her run, but Mercedes will feel right at home against three top women in the industry. Look for Mercedes to be a top lock to hold on to the gold. Why LuFisto Should Win LuFisto in her own right is one of the most dangerous and most successful veterans on the independent circuit. With 17 years of wrestling experience, the hardcore veteran has made plenty of waves late in her career. When she nails the Burning Hammer, don’t expect anybody top kick out of that. She had faced some of women’s wrestling’s toughest and brightest throughout her career and has been successful every single time. A former NCW Femme Fatales Champion in her own right, LuFisto is considered a hero of women’s wrestling in Canada and currently she is the reigning WSU Champion. Her epic battles with Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa have had been legendary, but against Courtney Rush they competed in only tag team competition. In order to keep the Two Woman Power Trip and “The Winnipeg Suplex Machine” on their heels, she has to keep at her opponents at any cost, no matter the situation calls for it. Also, she has the tools she needs to be a two-time NCW Femme Fatales Champion, so she needs to use them at any time in the match. LuFisto may not have lost a step in the ring, but if the tank appears to be empty, she can be in deep trouble. LuFi can get her hometown fans a big lift if she wins the gold. Why Cheerleader Melissa Should Win One of the most decorated and most successful veterans on the independent circuit, Cheerleader Melissa can still hang with the best of them. With nearly 15 years of wrestling experience, the 2013 PWI #1 women’s wrestler has made a high impact in the women’s wrestling industry. When she hits either the Kudo Driver or the Air Raid Crash, it’s game over for her opponents. She had faced some of women’s wrestling’s toughest and brightest throughout her legendary career and can still dish out some punishment when it’s all said and done. In her near 15 year career, she has won the SHIMMER Championship twice, became the first woman to win a major title in a wrestling promotion (The River City Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in 2010), the 2004 Future Legend Award and 2014 Active Women’s Wrestler Award from the Cauliflower Alley Club, and she was named the #1 women’s wrestler on PWI’s Female 50. A technically sound wrestler with brawling tactics, solid submission moves and high-risk maneuvers, Melissa has the tools to be successful in the women’s wrestling scene. As of now, she still holds the SHIMMER Championship for over 400 days. Melissa has battled all three women in the past, so she knows what they are capable of. To be dominant in the ring against Mercedes, LuFisto and Courtney, she has to make smart reversals, and keep them honest. In addition, she had to mix it up at all times during the course of the match. If Melissa gets too predictable or too cocky, it’s all over for her. With her birthday the following day and her tour of Japan the following week, look for Melissa to regain her focus and prove to the world she is the dominant women’s wrestler in the world by capturing the most elusive prize in the triple crown. It’s not going to be easy, but to Melissa, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Why Courtney Rush Should Win The high energy wrestler on the independent wrestling scene, the sixth-year veteran Courtney Rush has made plenty of waves late in her career. When she locks on the Crossface or nails the Rush-Plex, it’s a easy night for Rush. She had faced some of women’s wrestling’s toughest and brightest throughout her career and has been successful every single time. Long considered one of the future stars of women’s wrestling in Canada, Rush has the absolute ability to be great. A former Bellatrix Champion, she has the tools to be a major success. Her epic battles with Cheerleader Melissa have had been amazing as well as her match with Mercedes Martinez, she has never been against LuFisto in her career. In order to keep the Two Woman Power Trip and “The Super Hardcore Anime” on their heels, she has to be technically sound at all times, whether is a submission or a suplex she needs those skills to stay on her feet. Also, she has the skills to be on the level as the three veterans of the ring, so she has to outsmart them at any given time. Courtney Rush can be one of women’s wrestling’s most decorated women’s wrestlers if she pulls off this feat, but it’s going to be a long climb to the very top of the mountain. Analysis No matter who wins, whether it’s the individual who has the best record or the one with the most experience or the one who has more matches under her belt or the person with the less experience, it should be an amazing match between four of the most talented women in wrestling. If Mercedes gets the job done utilizing the keys to victory, she is that darn smart. If LuFisto utilizes her keys to victory, she’s got a shot to win this. If Melissa uses the keys to victory on her part, then she is that close to regaining her dominating self. If Courtney Rush goes by the keys to victory, she is the best at going by a strategy. This match will have its ups and downs in the early going, but look for one of the four women to grab a hold of the gold even it’s all said and done. 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