• By Dani Mitchell, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Why A Kurt Angle Return Would Be Best For Business

There have been recent reports that Kurt Angle is interested in coming back but is not getting the support of Triple H or the McMahons. Angle although not in his prime is still in great shape. If anyone has watched TNA you know that Angle is perfectly capable of still getting in the ring and putting the best of himself out there and entertaining the audience. I am not sure the exact reason why Triple H is holding back on bringing Angle in but I can tell you right now that none of the reasons can be relevant. If it is because he is older and prone to injuries, then how can you justify bringing back RVD? RVD came back and looked better than ever and when he did return is welcomed by the roaring of the crowd. Angle no doubt would receive reception. Even if it the reason they are afraid he will get an injury and his return would be cut short, then bring him back as a legend, let him manage someone. There are plenty of spots he could fill. Heck! He could even come back as Raw General Manger! Imagine the changes that could come with that surprise role. If you look back on Angle’s career in the WWE, how could you not want him back? Not only is he talented and can push himself to the limits in the ring but on the mic he can actually make you excited to see a feud start. He pumps you up and whether you like if you are chanting along “YOU SUCK” with his entrance music, you want to see what he is going to say or do next. If I was in charge of the talent, Angle would have a surprise return. No idea to the crowd when, just entrance music come on and he would head down to the ring. Then I would immediately involve him in the feud between Rusev and Swagger. Maybe let him take on the Russian then turn on Swagger. It would be great. The Real American Jack Swagger vs. The Russian Rusev vs. The Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. There would be so many ways you could take Angle in the company. And let’s be honest ever since Punk left and Daniel Bryan being out with injuries; they could use a legend like Angle to draw the audience back in while things are dull. So whatever the reason Triple H is keeping Angle at bay, he better put his ego away because he is sitting on a small gold mine and potentially doesn’t realize it. I’d buy Kurt Angle merch, and go to shows to see him. Suck it up WWE before decisions like this ruin your business.

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