• By John Zimmerman, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Fozzy: From A Goof To Genuine

Chris Jericho has made a lot of waves outside of the wrestling ring. Game show host, dancing with stars and master of the pod of thunder. Jericho has also assaulted the music business. Starting out as a guest singer doing covers in a bar sparked a musical relationship with guitarist/writer Rich Ward. The addition of Chris Jericho brought attention to Ward's band and record labels lined up to sign them. Deciding on the parody name Fozzy Osbourne then shortened to just Fozzy was an easy choice. The band had done several of Ozzy's songs and included "Over The Mountain" on their 2000 self titled release. Initially the first two albums were a mix of mostly cover songs with a few originals thrown in. The release of "All That Remains" gave them the hit song "Enemy" with support from an innovative video. The follow up "Chasing The Grail" was in my opinion the defining moment for the band. "Chasing The Grail" established Fozzy as a true hard hitting band with original hooks and a distinctive identity. Laying somewhere between the heavy sound of Iron Maiden and the more commercial sound of the "hair metal" '80's Fozzy carved a niche of their own that showcases War'd melodic playing & Jericho's vocals. Jericho had matured as a singer by this release and his dedication to the craft paid off. "Sin & Bones" soon followed and was a slight let down. While the album tried to be a bit heavier it lost a bit in the hooks department. "Sin & Bones" almost seemed like the tracks that didn't make "Chasing The Grail" "Do You Wanna Start A War" is truly a classic album. I admit to being apprehensive after loving "Grail" so much & then being let down by "Bones". Surprises abound on "War". "Lights Go Out", the first single is a monster song with a great chorus that is highly energetic and warrants multiple listens. The title track holds the same excitement too. "Unstoppable" is another highly energetic track that grabs you by the groin & makes you pay attention. The only tracks out of the 12 on the disc that aren't superb would have to be "Bad Tattoo" and the odd choice for the only cover song on the disc, Abba's "SOS". "Bad Tattoo" is just lacking the hooks that the rest of the disc holds and "SOS" is really just a curiosity. Overall Chris Jericho and Fozzy have made some great music and two really great albums that I would advise any metal fan to embrace. Whether or not someone is aware of who Jericho is they will enjoy the brilliance of his performance alongside Rich Ward's guitar playing and song writing. "Do You Wanna Start A War"? Hell yes I do!

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