• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Lesnar - Cena At Night Of Champions Has Two Planned Outcomes

With Night of Champions in the coming weeks, the battle between reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and John Cena is completely going over the top when it comes to great storytelling. Now there are rumors of two planned finishes for the main event and to the entire IWC, that would be extremely upsetting. One of the outcomes is that someone interferes in the match and screws Cena over and Lesnar retains. To the smart marks this will be extremely upsetting because John Cena will face just about anybody on the roster and it will right near the main event. Also, ruining the match would make Lesnar's squash victory look weak by the entire IWC. The second features John Cena beating Lesnar but Seth Rollins will call in his Money In The Bank briefcase and beat Cena. Now this is where fans are going to say this is just as horrible as the first one. Rollins isn't ready for the big time yet and there needs to be a time to cash in that bad boy and that ain't it. Plus if Cena beats Lesnar then Lesnar being the true beast will be nothing more than a joke. But I have to say this; a lengthy title run for Lesnar would be smart for WWE, even though Lesnar's new contract says that he will appear whenever WWE wants. But if the two outcomes happen, expect a lot of complaints from the smart marks on social media. If they're smart, a clean win from Lesnar would do them justice in order for Lesnar to face off against Roman Reigns in the foreseeable future. That's my two cents on the topic. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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