• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

A Disgruntled Opinion Of WSU And DJ Hyde

WSU under Sean McCaffrey makes sense. WSU under Drew Cordeiro somewhat makes sense. WSU under DJ Hyde does not. Ever since taking over WSU after months under the Beyond Wrestling banner, all Hyde has done is integrate his CZW band of brothers into WSU, and sometimes its good for both promotions, but its also bad when it comes to fans of women's wrestling. I can fully understand some of the fans' frustrations toward the promotion, but it's not going anywhere. I want to make this very clear: I'm not condemning the promotion, nor its talents. I'm only condemning one man, and that is DJ Hyde and his inferiority complex. When Jessicka Havok was stripped of the WSU Championship and being banned for life, it ripped out the soul of WSU. When Juicy Product beat Annie Social and Kimber Lee for the WSU Tag Team Championships, it angered some traditional women's wrestling fans, considering the belts are meant for women. When DJ Hyde pushed himself over the talent and made Sassy Stephie his lackey, it's kind of discovering. It's not good business for a promoter to push himself over the talent. When DJ Hyde tore apart LuFisto's longtime companion Pegaboo, to me that is the final straw. Not only do I feel bad for some of the talent working there under these conditions, I also have to question the decision-making of DJ Hyde because these kinds of things are completely uncalled for and having male champions in a promotion that's meant to be exclusive for women is not best for business. And the fact that he is the resident big bully in the promotion is very bad for business. Although WSU is still the best women's wrestling in the northeast, but there are alternatives to WSU in every shape and form. VALKYRIE Women's Professional Wrestling has been nothing short of creating a following in the New York area, after WSU abandoned the New York area for better digs in southern New Jersey. The talent there are second to none, and they do better story-lines than WSU. Best of all, the women are pushing themselves over there. Kris Lewin and his team are top notch in my book. Then there's Bombshells Ladies Of Wrestling under the Pro Wrestling Syndicate banner. They do top notch shows with top notch talent from all across the USA. I think BLOW will solidify themselves as a favorite to watch on the northern New Jersey wrestling scene. I don't like to disassociate myself as a fan of WSU, but giving it chance after chance to support it even after their mistakes and the departure of Mercedes Martinez and Jessicka Havok and many others and DJ Hyde being a complete jerk, it's the last straw for me. I just hope that WSU would be in a different direction under somebody other than Hyde. This is nothing more than a women's version of CZW rather be the northeast version of SHIMMER. This isn't fair for fans of the women's wrestling scene. WSU under DJ Hyde and the CZW banner will never make any sense at all. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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