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Interview With Amy-Lee Kramer, Bellatrix Female Warriors Superstar

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans for yet another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview one of Bellatrix Female Warriors' fastest rising stars, the beautiful Amy-Lee Kramer returns and she has a lot to say about her opponent for Bellatrix X on September 28th, Shax. Since our first interview with Amy-Lee in March, 2013, she has grown exponentially, in terms of her in-ring work and her passion for women's professional wrestling. Amy-Lee has competed in four Bellatrix Events thus far in her career, and at Bellatrix X she hopes to roll over Shax, to become a top contender. I spoke with Amy-Lee on her preference as a singles or tag-team wrestler, what she does in her spare time and more. Richard: The first time you were interviewed for Kayfabe Kickout, you were set to face “The Nordic Valkyrie” Miss Mina at Bellatrix V, now at Bellatrix X you are facing Shax, what will be your game plan to successfully pin her shoulders to the mat? Amy-Lee: Well, probably for the first (and only) time in my wrestling career, I will be looking to overpower her. Usually I'm not the powerhouse, I have to use my mind more than anything else but this time, I'm looking to do some damage through impact, really put her through her paces. Richard: Have you considered transitioning to women’s tag team wrestling, to make it a priority in your career? Or is women’s singles where you would like to remain? Amy-Lee: I've only ever been considered part of a tag team once, and that was at the very first stages of my career. Since taking on my father (Karl Kramer)'so name, I've decided to continue down the path on my own. I really don't need anybody else. They would just get in my way. Richard: To get off the topic of professional wrestling, can you describe a typical day in the life of Amy Lee Kramer? Amy-Lee: A typical day in my life is very family oriented. I'm a full time mother and I love every second of it, so yeah. Richard: Which do you prefer to be, the heel or the baby-face? Amy-Lee: If I had to choose, it would be "heel". I do nothing deliberately but I have been told by many that my spoilt brat attitude is one that only belongs in the ring. Richard: At Bellatrix VIII, you participated in the 30 Woman Battle Royal for the #1 Contender, for the RQW Women’s Championship, what was it like for you to not only wrestle against one, but numerous women in one ring? Amy-Lee: Well to put it bluntly, the 30 woman rumble was an utter nightmare. I don't like high pressure situations and despite winning my number 30 entry a couple of weeks beforehand, I knew I still had a lot of obstacles to over come. Miss Mina caught me off guard and in a flash it was over for me. Richard: Which women’s wrestler was the toughest you have faced thus far in your career? Amy-Lee: Without a doubt, hands down sweet Saraya closely followed by her daughter Paige. Those women combined have taught me 90% of what I know, Sweet Saraya takes no prisoners and she is my mentor, which makes everything a lot harder. I owe my career to her and it's always a pleasure. Richard: You’ve wrestled Britani Knight (WWE Superstar Paige) on several occasions, how did you like working with a member of the legendary Knight Family inside the squared circle? Amy-Lee: Honestly, at the time I was wrestling her regularly, I didn't know any different, to me she was always just Britani. I am very lucky to have been able to learn what I did from her while I could, I always made sure I took advantage of that. Richard: Do you have a specific women’s championship that you are intent on capturing? Amy-Lee: Yes. I've got my eyes on the British Championship at the moment, currently held by Violet O' Hara. I'm determined to get my hands on that belt, it will be the first ever belt I've held and I will chase it until I have it. Richard: If you successfully defeat Shax at Bellatrix X, would you consider facing Saraya Knight one-on-one at the next Bellatrix Event? Amy-Lee: You mean WHEN I defeat Shax, right? Now that is a good question. Wrestling Sweet Saraya at a Bellatrix event would be very different to any other show. Maybe with A LOT of time to prepare..I would always give her my best as she would to me. Richard: You have appeared in four Bellatrix Shows, which of your matches, of those four events is your favorite and why? Amy-Lee: I would have to say wrestling Erin Angel at Bellatrix 9 is my favourite. I have never wrestled her before that, and she was always on my list of people to work with. Despite losing, a part of me enjoyed the match very much. Fans can check out Amy-Lee Kramer on Facebook, Twitter and check out Bellatrix X, on September 28th, where Amy-Lee will face Shax one-on-one. I want to personally thank Amy-Lee Kramer, for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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