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Interview With "The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina, Bellatrix Female Warriors Superstar

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to a brand new fabulous interview, here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview I had the immense pleasure to welcome back Bellatrix Female Warrior "The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina. In our first interview with Mina, she was preparing to face Amy-Lee Kramer at Bellatrix V, and now she's stepping in the ring once again at Bellatrix X on September 28th, against "The Bombshell from Hell" Skarlett. Since we last spoke with Mina, she has captured several women's championships; the DOA Sirens Championship and the NWWA Women's Championship, and she will no doubt acquire more gold to wrap around her waist in the future. I spoke with Mina on what she does in her spare time, when she's away from the wrestling ring, her persona which taps into her Nordic roots and more. Richard: The first time you were interviewed for Kayfabe Kickout, you were set to face Amy Lee at Bellatrix V, now at Bellatrix X you are facing “The Bombshell from Hell” Skarlett, what will be your game plan to successfully pin her shoulders to the mat? Mina: The bombshell from hell VS The Nordic Valkyrie has a great ring to it. I love the fact that i get to meet Skarlett in the ring and knock her ego down a few. You see Skarlett has in her head that she is better than me and she shows utter disrespect to both me and the fans of Bellatrix. A Bellatrix Warrior without honor, is no warrior to me. The funny thing about a game plan to succeed in the ring at Bellatrix 10, is that Skarlett will be a victim of her own downfall! Just you wait and see! Richard: You recently faced Lady Penelope for the DOA Sirens Championship and the NWWA Championship, what was it like going one-on-one against Penelope? Mina: Yes, we had a tour in Sweden for GBG wrestling in Gothenburg, SWS in Malmø and DPW in Denmark. First show she challenged me for my DOA title. I have been in the ring with Penelope a few times before, we know each other pretty good and we are pretty good at reading each other in the ring. This makes a game plan really hard. I lost my DOA title when a female wrestler from Sweden named La Vuida Negra knocked me out with my belt. Penelope took the win when i was knocked out, so she really didn't win it fair! Then she was really hungry for more gold and challenged me for my NWWA title, where she lost in both Malmø and Denmark! Only shows she would never have gotten the DOA title if it wasn’t for the interference! Richard: You recently won your first women’s singles championship, the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Championship, which as of this interview you have held for 162 days. Can you describe what it was like to achieve the milestone in your career with winning your second championship? Mina: The NWWA title had been in my goal for a long time, I first entered the Queen of the ring tournament in Sweden to win it, I ended up hurting my ankle again but not without challenging Aurora Flame for the title in a hardcore match in Norway! This was intense! In this hard-hitting match was the first female hardcore match in Norway. I was able to Win my beloved NWWA title! This title is the biggest female title you can have in Scandinavia and there is a lot of challengers to it! Every girl who steps foot in a Scandinavian country is allowed to challenge me for it and therefor it is an extremely interesting title to carry! Richard: Have you considered transitioning to women’s tag team wrestling, to make it a priority in your career? Or is women’s singles where you would like to remain? Mina: There is talks about a tag team, i can’t say anymore at this point. Richard: In our first interview, you commented that professional wrestling in Norway hadn't reached a high level of popularity, has the wrestling scene in Norway changed since then? Mina: Norway has a lot of untapped talent, but the wrestling scene is not one of the biggest in Scandinavia! We have awesome and dedicated fans, and hopefully there will be more getting their eyes up for it and that we can expand. Richard: To get off the topic of professional wrestling, can you describe a typical day in the life of miss mina? Mina: Miss Mina in real life goes to Nursing school, works two jobs and is a single mother. She trains and does American football. Tries to juggle all the balls at the same time and is a pretty happy person. Richard: Which women’s wrestler was the toughest you have faced thus far in your career? Mina: I have had a lot of amazing wrestlers in the ring with me through my 10 year career, they have all been inspirations and a big help to evolve myself. I always see opportunities to learn and get new input from both young and veteran wrestlers. The great thing about wrestling is that you are never done with learning. Wrestlers like Wesna, Sweet Saraya, Blue Nikita, Mercedes Martinez and more have all been tough opponents, and i appreciate having been in the ring with them all! True warriors! Richard: With your persona and ring attire, you have stayed true to the roots of Norway, during the period of its ancient Viking era, have you ever considered changing your persona? Mina: I love my Norse roots, and vikings has always been known to be hard and awesome warriors! Why deny my heritage and why mess with something that works! Drinking mead and kicking ass to the end! Richard: Which do you prefer to play, the heel or the baby-face? Mina: I don't prefer either one, I am what i am when needed! Tween it! Richard: You have appeared in eight Bellatrix Shows, which of your matches, of those eight events is your favorite and why? Mina: To be honest the Bellatrix promotion has made all my matches special, I loved my match vs Nikki Storm but honestly i can’t pick a favorite! Fans can check out "The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina on Facebook, Twitter and be sure to check out Mina's Match against "The Bombshell from Hell" Skarlett, at Bellatrix X on September 28th. I want to personally thank Miss Mina, for taking the time once again to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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