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Interview With "The Bombshell From Hell" Skarlett, Bellatrix Female Warriors Superstar

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans, for yet another fantastic interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview we were thrilled to welcome back Bellatrix Female Warriors Superstar "The Bombshell From Hell" Skarlett. When we last spoke with Skarlett, she was preparing for her match against Rebecca Mason for Bellatrix V, now she has her hands full as he is thoroughly preparing for her match against "The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina, for Bellatrix X on September 28th. Since our last interview with Skarlett, she has been wreaking havoc in women's professional wrestling, capturing the HEW Women's Championship for a second time, and has held the title for an outstanding 371 days, as of this interview. I spoke with Skarlett on her match against Miss Mina for Bellatrix X, what she does in her spare time away from the wrestling ring and more. Richard: The first time we interviewed you , you were set to face Rebecca Mason at Bellatrix V, now at Bellatrix X you are facing “The Nordic Valkyrie” Miss Mina, what will be your game plan to successfully pin her shoulders to the mat? Skarlett: I don't plan on pinning her, she's gonna tap to Skarlett's web just like everyone else does. You see MIss Mina has been drinking too many tankards of mead - and it's gone to her head. She says I have an ego. I say she is delusional, but no matter, she wants and honourable battle with the Bombshell? I'll give her one. We both know we will have a hard hitting hell of a match. Richard: Have you considered transitioning to women’s tag team wrestling, to make it a priority in your career? Or is women’s singles where you would like to remain? Skarlett: I've never given it much thought. I pretty much hate everyone else on the planet so finding a partner I'll actually work with is a near impossible task. It would need to be someone special, should that ever happen imagine the chaos that would follow. Until that unlikely day I'm happy with my own company. Richard: To get off the topic of professional wrestling, can you describe a typical day in the life of Skarlett? Skarlett: Well a day in the life of Skarlett wouldn't be getting of the subject of professional wrestling at all. I train hard, I hit the gym hard, and I run my business with the same passion and aggression as I fight. Richard: Which do you prefer to be, the heel or the baby-face? Skarlett: I'll be whatever I want to be. When I want to be it. I don't blame people for wanting to cheer me, I'd cheer me..It doesn't mean however that I like people. Richard: At Bellatrix IX, you you were defeated in the first round of the 2014 Queen of the Ring Tournament at the hands of Liberty, are in intent on settling your score with Liberty in a future match? Skarlett: Yeah, historically I seem to do badly in those types of tournaments and liberty managed to catch me off point and capitalized. Good for her. I will return the favour as and when I feel like it. Richard: If you successfully defeat Miss Mina at Bellatrix X, do you think that will put you in the prime position for a future championship match at the next Bellatrix Event? Skarlett: I should be In prime position for a title shot anyway, I have an incredible win/loss record as well as the reputation of being one of Bellatrix's toughest all rounder..No matter the out come with Mina..I grow tired of waiting and waiting whilst the same faces are continuously are soaking up the spotlight that should be mine. They know it. I know it. One way or another I will get my shot. Richard: Do you have a specific women’s championship that you are intent on capturing? Skarlett: To be honest any of them would look great in my vast collection of titles and belts...I can't pick , either way id love to have the opportunity to show I can take down Baines, liberty or O'Hara. Richard: With Britani Knight (WWE Superstar Paige) now a full-time member of the WWE Roster, do you think there is room for more European and English Women's Wrestlers in the WWE? Skarlett: Yes. Probably. I don't really care. Richard: Staying on the topic of Paige, you've worked with her inside the ring before she moved on to the WWE, how did you enjoy working with her? Skarlett: I'm sorry i thought this interview was about me not Paige? What do you want me to say? She's a nice girl and she deserves her success I've wrestled Britani and I was able to beat her on the night. She works hard and she has a lot of talent....But if you think I'm gonna start waxing lyrical like the others do you're sadly mistaken. I'm not some glassy eyed fan girl. NEXT QUESTION! Richard: You have appeared in eight Bellatrix Shows, which of your matches, of those four events is your favorite and why? Skarlett: My favorite Bellatrix match was against Christina Von eerie, that was like wrestling a mirror image of myself. Hard hitting great match that ended in a brawl. We both won each other's respect and that's a rare thing.

Fans can follow "The Bombshell From Hell" Skarlett on Facebook, Twitter and be sure to see her kick so ass, against "The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina, at Bellatrix X on September 28th. I want to personally thank Skarlett, for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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