• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Why Piracy Is Killing The Pro Wrestling Industry

Piracy is not only illegal, but to small wrestling promotions, it's bad for business. Downloading matches illegally is a crime and it will put promotions out of business because of that criminal offense. You want to know why? I'll tell you why. Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, no matter what the video site, it is criminal to put up full matches without permission from a wrestling promotion. This is an epidemic for wrestling because fans can't afford to pay money for DVDs or can't afford to pay on VOD sites. That's not acceptable in any way. The wrestlers are struggling because of this kind of thing, the promotions are struggling because a group of knuckleheads like to watch matches for free instead of paying good money on DVDs and/or VODs. No matter what the reasons, either it's a good reason or a bad reason, this type of thing is killing the promotions you love and respect. Beyond Wrestling, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, and those under the United Wrestling Network are big exceptions. Whenever a promotion puts up free matches on their YouTube channel, it gives fans a reason to either buy the VODs and/or DVDs or attend one of their shows in person. If it's their content, they have a right to put up their content without any repercussions whatsoever. It's a great way for fans to sample the shows and hopefully they get to see more when they buy the VODs or attend one of their shows. To me, this is a good idea, considering the matches these promotions pit on for their fans to watch. Piracy is the biggest epidemic that needs to be stopped. It's the killer of independent promotions, and it must end. If you want to watch a match, recent ones as well, I suggest Smart Mark Video, Highspots or ClickWrestle to get matches that put money in the wrestling promotions pockets. Our just simply get the DVDs to boost some revenue for promotions and wrestlers to survive. To quote the late, great Percy Pringle III, also known as Paul Bearer; “Independent wrestling is the grass roots of or industry. If the roots die, so does the tree." Now think about that quote before you put up any full matches on YouTube or Dailymotion or wherever you put it. These things is killing the independent wrestling industry. Think about it. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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