• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

The Rising Stock Of Santana Garrett

For a talent like Santana Garrett, she went from a talented star on the Indy scene to an underrated TNA Knockout and now the reigning and defending National Wrestling Alliance World Women's Champion in a heartbeat. And so far, her stock has still risen after her TNA departure, and still doing what she loves on a regular basis. Like Sarah Stock, Cheerleader Melissa and Rain before her, they found success after they left TNA; and you can add Santana on that list. Throughout her TNA tenure as Brittany, Santana was just an underrated talent, losing at some point to top stars like Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. And losing is a tough pill to swallow if you're Santana. But after what was a dismal run in TNA, she left the promotion for greener pastures in the independent scene. And for her fans, that is music to their ears. After her TNA departure, Santana was placed in a match against Barbi Hayden for the NWA World Women's Championship, which saw the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club Future Legend Award winner pick up the win. This is a huge honor for Santana as she joins the likes of Mildred Burke, the Fabulous Moolah, Leilani Kai, MsChif, Amazing Kong, Tasha Simone, and Kacee Carlisle to ever hold that prestigious title. This will open the door for some title defenses in SHINE for Santana if the cards were played right. I hope it will happen. With names like Courtney Rush, LuFisto, Liberty, Mia Yim and Nicole Matthews holing the top five women's championships (NCWFF, WSU, Bellatrix, SHINE and SHIMMER Championships respectively), the NWA World Women's Championship is the most oldest and prestigious out of those championships. Hopefully, names like Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim, Barbi Hayden and many others may get a crack at the title, but so far, Santana Garrett will not let that title go without a fight. And she doesn't intend to. So far, Santana's stock ha risen a few notches. And it's her time to shine. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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