• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

WWE Should Focus On The Talent, Not The Look

As a wrestling fan, you support your favorite wrestlers regardless of how they look. Out of shape, in shape, curvy, slim, no matter what shape, they always get a huge pop from the crowd. But in WWE however, women athletes have to have “That Look" to be a star as some management folks with the exception of EVP of Talent Triple H are still focused on having that god-awful “super model image” for the Divas division. Now that is basically not helping the company one bit, but with NXT the ladies have proven their work, regardless of the image. But believe me, the current image is just plain outdated to a higher degree. Take Charlotte for example. According to Daily Wrestling News, she has plenty of detractors in management for not having an image of that of a model, and that is just plain wrong. Having a super model image is a perfect for the Attitude era or perhaps TNA, not in the PG era of WWE. In this day and age, we fans don't care about looks when it comes down to wrestling. If a woman can wrestle, then her image is not important. Those kinds of women aren’t needed because that image doesn’t work without a format with edge. This is not 1997, when the Attitude Era got its start. We are in an era where families and kids watch WWE programming twice a week on television. Women like Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch don’t fit that role that has made the Divas Division the laughingstock of the wrestling world since the departures of Lita and Trish Stratus. After Trish and Lita's departures, former EVP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis created a stupid and idiotic movement in hiring lingerie models and B plus super models; women like that was supposed to be a cash cow for the company. But in doing so destroyed the one thing that makes a women's division work; and that is their athleticism. Take Eva Marie for example; a woman with looks clearly fits the WWE model, but she is god-awful in the ring and her promos are just as bad. Yet they'll push her over an athletic talent like Charlotte any day of the week. While the Phil Jackson of wrestling, Triple H is doing all he can to change the stereotypes of every division, it is noted that fans are completely tired of WWE bringing in models that have the look and not the athleticism to be a part of the company. Management must focus on the athletic part of wrestling instead of the image department of they want to make a division work. Look at Paige, a talented young lady that got her start in England made her ascension in the WWE, only to be held back because she didn't have the look, she has the athleticism. And that's what pisses fans off. If WWE's upper management what to continue with the old way of hiring female talent, it's gonna make fans sick to their stomach. We wrestling fans are a lot smarter thanks to the internet and social media, but these guys are out of touch with the smart marks. They better focus on women with athleticism and not their assets. Athletic ability, not the super model look, counts in all of sports and sports entertainment, including professional wrestling. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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