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So What's Next, Joe?

When I heard that Samoa Joe and TNA were parting ways, I found myself actually happy for Samoa Joe. I honestly felt that he had been spinning his wheels in TNA for a very long time. He has done everything there is to do during his time there by winning every championship that they had to offer. My favorite moment involving Samoa Joe during his time with TNA will always be when he defeated Kurt Angle at Lockdown to win the TNA World Title back in 2008. Sadly, after he lost his championship that is when his decline sort of began. We got to see him walk around in pajama pants and a machete with his “Nation of Violence”, and then there was the time that he was kidnapped by ninjas but no one ever explained what had happened when he appeared on TV again. Somehow even with the goofy booking, he remained relevant up to the end. I really have enjoyed his work as part of The BDC stable that has been on TNA television lately. I guess change comes with the territory. Now that he is done with TNA, this leaves him with a lot of different opportunities out there. I want to look at some of the different possibilities out there for him. He said that he was combing through his options, and I am sure that the phone hasn’t stopped ringing for the guy in regards to some independent bookers out there. He is an asset to any dressing room that he enters. I just hope that wherever he lands next that he will be booked as a bad ass like he used to be. I remember first hearing about Samoa Joe during his run with Ring of Honor. Dubbed as “The Samoan Submission Machine”, he reminded me something of a Samoan version of ECW’s Taz. He tore through the competition during his reign as ROH World champion which is still the longest reign in that company’s history which was a reign of 21 months! He also had one of the top feuds in ROH history when he and CM Punk were tearing the house down together. Logically, this can be an idea landing spot for Joe. I am sure that roster would benefit from having the longest reigning champion back in the company dealing with some familiar faces and a bunch of new faces. You can also bet that they will book him like a badass, and that he will be treated with respect. He can also have a nice story-line leading to a chance to regain that championship. What about Japan? Samoa Joe has plenty of ties there. I can see him going back to Pro Wrestling Noah where he has been booked plenty of times over the years. I am sure that he would love to add the GHC Crown to his collection of championships. If Noah doesn't come calling I can see both All Japan and New Japan reaching out to him. In New Japan I think he would fit right in with Bullet Club! I can also see him going over that NEVER Openweight Title if here were booked in New Japan because that championship seems to favor guys who work stiff while also really being able to go in the ring. Don’t be surprised if he ends up booked in the land of the rising sun really soon. You also wonder if Jeff Jarrett has decided to reach out to him at all. As Jarrett is trying to build his Global Force Wrestling brand, I bet he would love to have someone like Joe on his roster. This all depends on what Jarrett has in mind for his promotion also, and if he is actually going to be signing anyone to actual contracts. I think Samoa Joe can also find himself being booked at some of the popular independent groups out there like Pro Wrestling Syndicate and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. I truly hope that maybe one of the Indy feds out here in the Pittsburgh area bring him in, I know that I will gladly buy myself a ticket to see him compete. If any IWC (International Wrestling Cartel) folks are reading this, Dalton Castle vs Samoa Joe would be legen…wait for it…DARY! Legendary! Ok, I am getting off topic, back to Samoa Joe’s options. Like this one... What about the WWE? I think that this is a long shot because on the fact that he is 35 years old. He would be a great hand to have on the roster. WWE sometimes has an issue with looking at someone’s chronological age; I think that age should have nothing to do with it. It is TV age that is important, and Joe would be a fresh face for WWE just like Sting is something fresh for WWE despite being in his 50’s. He also has quite a few allies like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, and even Jim Ross who feel that he would contribute to WWE’s talent base. I think he would be fun to watch in NXT but I can’t be sure what would happen once he got to the main roster because WWE isn’t a fit for everyone wrestler out there no matter how much of a sensation there are elsewhere. He also doesn’t have the type of body that WWE would want, yadda, yadda, yadda. Sadly, there is a large chance the only time we will see Samoa Joe in a WWE ring is if we go on YouTube and look up the time he fought Essa Rios on an episode of WWE Jakked. All I know is that I hope Samoa Joe lands on his feet, and that he has no problems getting the bookings and the money that he wants out there on the independent scene. He is well traveled and he is well respected in the pro wrestling industry. Whatever you do next dude, I am looking forward to it! What are you thoughts? As always you can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox or you can check me out on Tumblr at wrestlingnerdcommentary.tumblr.com! Catch you next time, wrestling fans!

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