• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Chris Dickinson Goes Over The Line...Big Time!

Last weekend, wrestling fans in Providence, Rhode Island saw one of the most disturbing moments in professional wrestling's history as Chris Dickinson nailed an unprotected steel chair and shot Kimber Lee over the head, followed by a vicious Power-bomb that was way over the line. This incident has started a debate on whether or not Dickinson crossed the line. Lots of fans and plenty of independent wrestlers have intensely criticized the spot because of its dangerous nature, also because he violated the core rule of professional wrestling; always protect your opponent. My take on this matter is that this should have been avoided if Dickinson had better than good care of Kimber without the vicious actions. Dickinson was reckless in every way imaginable; both the unprotected chair shot and his Pazuzu Bomb. But despite all this, Beyond Wrestling, the company that promoted the “King Of Arts" event, finds it appropriate to post it from three different angles, to make sure no harm was done. Unfortunately, it backfired on them with a over a 160 dislikes but it remains a topic of conversation with fans about the graphic nature of this particular match. They're currently embracing the controversy surrounding it, but that won't bring in fans after that. Beyond Wrestling doesn't deserve the attention nor the support because of one match that went way too far. I hope that Kimber Lee is doing fine agree this match, and I hope that Chris Dickinson gets some sort of punishment after this disgusting and brutal display. Like my fellow columnists Eron Ramadanov and Greg DeMarco, I don't like the footage and it has no place in modern day wrestling, period. It was reckless and stupid, and the fans apathy will not rest until Dickinson is reprimanded and punished for this incident. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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