• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

No Laughing Matter!

So it appears that Bill DeMott has resigned as a trainer for WWE. The allegations were pretty serious. Physical, mental, and verbal abuse, insults against them during training, etc. I understand that a lot of wrestlers were trained under some rough conditions, whether it was getting stretched in some basement in Calgary or getting your ass whooped at the New Japan Dojo. Sure, being humiliated as a way of getting broken into the wrestling business seemed to just be the nature of that beast, but it’s a new age; and we are in the sweet, sweet world of litigation. Remember, WWE is a publicly traded company. I am sure this type of stuff is looked down upon. It is one thing to scream and yell during training, but slapping someone in the head who possibly has a concussion is something else altogether. I think that WWE made it appear that he jumped instead of being pushed out as his own way of saving face. The thing here is that so many former NXT guys have come out against the man. I know that a lot of you may just take it as nothing more than sour grapes and all from a group of guys who didn't make it, but when you have multiple people telling the same exact stories there may be some truth there. Then there was that letter that leaked that a former NXT talent wrote to the HR department about DeMott. I’ve heard of this guy using racial and homophobic slurs during his time as a trainer, and the abuse the young peeps have been suffering has clearly made waves all across the Internet Wrestling Community. We've seen other wrestlers like MVP and Bob Holly having words about it saying that everything DeMott is being accused of is plausible, as well as Chris Jericho who seems to actually be on DeMott's side. Is his resignation a sign of guilt? I THINK SO! As far as DeMott goes, dude who was he anyhow? Let’s look at the resume of this guy and see what even qualified him to train anyone and tell Triple H or Vince that someone can make it in the business. The guy never drew a time, and I doubt that he could have drawn one even with a trace out of Franklin Roosevelt and a compass to help him out. I am serious on this. I can think of very few highlights of his career. One was being the first “1” in 173-0 for Bill Goldberg and another thing he was known for having names based on Terry Taylor (Hugh Morris after Terry Taylor originally wanted him to be an evil architect named Bill Ding) and Vince Russo (General Hugh G. Rection) puns. I don’t know if anyone outside his immediate family bought a ticket to a wrestling show to see him on the card. I am sure even his friends and family only showed up at WCW events to see Hogan, Sting, and all the real stars in professional wrestling at the time. Another thing, I’ve heard of him referring to trainees as “gay” and faggot”, but I also heard this was the same guy who took some trainees and forced them to wrestle naked to his delight. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like if anyone has gay tendencies it’s DeMott who has them based on the fact that he seemed to take delight in naked men grabbing on each other in private while he watched. Sadly, he may be gone from WWE but that doesn’t mean that he won’t open a school or take his training style elsewhere! The difference is that the secret is now out that he is some bitter asshole who probably acted the way he did because he never really made it in the business himself. Sadly, there will always be some mark who will be excited to be trained and humiliated by him. A pissed off guy who used training as his own form of bullying while working for a company that loves bullying both on the backstage and corporate side except when they are in front of the media with their “Be A Star” campaign. I am glad that WWE felt the heat, and that something was done about this. Bill DeMott, you are jack ass number 1 here! You can say you deny the allegation, and that you did it to save face for WWE but I don’t buy that shit for a second. It is so transparent. I want to end this column by giving a shout out to Joey Ryan! Who made sure that everyone know what a piece of garbage Bill DeMott was! As always folks, you can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox! I will respond to all thoughts and opinion on this whether you agree or disagree with me. Catch you with my next column wrestling fans!

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