• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Discussing The NWA's Partnership With CAC

For over 60 years, the National Wrestling Alliance has been the most prominent wrestling promotions in the world, based on legendary champions, great promoters and classic matches. Currently, with Hiroyoshi Tenzan as the reigning world champion and several top talent like Santana Garrett, Harry Smith, Lance Hoyt and Jushin “Thunder" Liger; the NWA is making its mark once again on an international level. And with so many promotions across the country and internationally as well as their partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling, you can't say that the NWA employs shady business tactics as others did in the past. Once again they're teaming up with the Cauliflower Alley Club to promote not one, but two matches for their event. With a title unification match between National Champion Jax Dane and North American Champion Tim Storm on the card as well as Jushin Liger making his first appearance in a CAC event, this partnership will pave the way for success on both ends of the spectrum. And that alone says something. In my personal opinion, I think the partnership between the NWA and the CAC is a great to not only showcase the top talent in the NWA, but also showcase some of the members of the CAC. The CAC is the most prestigious organizations in the world and for them to partner with the NWA is best for business on both sides, because there are either some undiscovered talent that promotions might take a look at or a veteran that might have an title opportunity from the NWA in the near future, the window of opportunity always have been open. I believe that this partnership will continue annually and will give talented stars opportunity to impress the bosses of the NWA and the members of the CAC. If the opportunity is there, then the talent should take full advantage of it. If the window of opportunity for the talent is closing, it's tough to open that window again. I have said that the CAC events is a tradition unlike any other, the NWA is an organization that has storied history and tradition. This year's event is no different. The NWA and the CAC are a partnership made in wrestling heaven.

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