• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

2015 Will Never Be The Year Of Nicole Matthews

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

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Although SHIMMER will always be one of my favorite independent promotions in the United States, Nicole Matthews is champion of that promotion, and saying that either makes me lose my appetite or give me a heart failure. Because Nicole well always do anything against the rules to get a win doesn't mean she will make a great champion. Don't get me wrong, SHIMMER has many great champions in their 10 year history, but Nicole Matthews is not that good compared to some of them. Of course the promotion itself takes full pride in its family friendly events, but SHIMMER's talent and its loyal fan base demonstrates that the Attitude Era is back in a way in that promotion. And the way I bitched about that during that weekend really made me sick talking about it. When you support a champion, let alone a heel champion, you gonna have to put up with distasteful tactics from a heel. Nicole is no different; when she won the SHIMMER Championship, she threw a wicked fireball in the face of Madison Eagles to capture her first SHIMMER Title. And that moment made me apathetic about the whole entire match. Again, don't get me wrong, SHIMMER fans; I've cleared the air about that moment and I have Nicole her just due. It doesn't mean I like it, and it doesn't mean I support it. Maybe 2015 is the year of Nicole Matthews, because she has gotten her just due in the business throughout her young career. But for me, 2015 will never be the year of Nicole Matthews, because there are plenty of talented individuals on the SHIMMER roster that can put her in her place, and it might happen sooner or later. Whole I fully doubt that she will be SHIMMER Champion once the year is out, plenty of fans will be out there to prove me and Nicole's other critics wrong. It doesn't bother me one bit. Nicole Matthews may have talked the talk, now all she had to do is back or up with a solid performance in the ring. If not, it will be a failure. Agree with what I said? Or do you disagree? Send me your thoughts on Twitter @matthewhollie and tell me your opinion.

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