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Brock Is Staying...Like It Or Not!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

People can say that Brock Lesnar is a beast who is wrestles for a big fat paycheck, and people can say that Brock Lesnar is a decorated champion out to destroy anybody in his path. To me, he is both a beast and a champion, and after making an announcement on ESPN's SportsCenter, Brock is staying with the WWE...like it or not. But his new deal will still be a part-time deal with a full-time pay, and that alone is well earned because Lesnar helped put WWE on the market when it comes to the few things that matters now; television ratings, PPV buy-rates and WWE Network subscriptions. And when you add them all up, it's profitable for WWE. WIll the new deal pan out for Lesnar? I have to say yes because he is impossible to stop at this point and because he is a marketable guy to be in this company and he'll do whatever it takes to be champion. And with Paul Heyman at his side, Lesnar is pushed to be this monster heel that will send opponents in wheelchairs. While some fans are calling his current championship run bad for business because he is a part time guy, some have praised the idea that the WWE was going back to the territorial days of wrestling when the champion shows up when something big goes down. But unfortunately those territorial days are long gone except on the independent wrestling circuit, and plenty of columnists across the web are saying that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship should be defended on a regular basis. But will it affect the outcome of WrestleMania this Sunday? probably not, although Roman Reigns is on a big roll as of late, and Seth Rollins looking to cash in his Money In The Bank case, look for a new champion on Sunday, because what the fans want, they'll get, and that might be a world champion that can defend the title on a monthly basis, and not when they feel like it because they want to be big shots and not fighting champions. That makes the traditionalists puke and make the causal fans happy as hell. But I wouldn't argue with a fan about that one. But with Brock Lesnar sticking around for a long while, don't worry about broken screens. Just worry about guys being broken in pieces by Brock Lesnar. Send me your thoughts on this topic by contacting me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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