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I’m Good With It, Though!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

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I thought that WrestleMania 31 was actually pretty good. Outside of the 20 minute Authority Promo and the wack ass concert that is done yearly to make WWE seem hip, I liked the show. The matches were good, I got to see Sting wrestle in a WWE for the first time ever, and I got to see a World title change that, while expected, was still kind of cool. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank brief and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by inserting himself into the main event that was taking place between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Seth Rollins had his WrestleMania moment! You know what? I’m not even upset in the slightest with that finish. This finish actually killed two birds with one stone. First, this will get all of you marks out there crying about the fact WWE had a champion who was a part-timer to finally shut the hell up. This ALSO calms down all of those people who were complaining about Roman Reigns not being ready for the main event. A full-time guy that the people of the internet like is champion; all is right in the WWE universe! *snickers* The finish to the main event means that the brass at WWE didn’t feel that Reigns was ready for the WWE championship either. No one has really worked as hard this past year as Seth Rollins. His ring work is good, his promos are good, and he is the perfect heel champion right now who will already have a nice list of opponents lined up for him depending on how long they plan to keep him as the WWE champion. Brock Lesnar will have his legit claim to the championship that is currently held by Seth Rollins and a right to a rematch. After all, Brock Lesnar himself was never pinned in the middle of the ring to lose his champion. With Lesnar re-signing with the company, I don’t think the question is if he will regain the WWE championship, but when. Could they use this time to turn Lesnar into a face to feud with the Authority? It’s definitely a possibility! If Brock does turn face, will Heyman be turning face with him? Or is there a chance that Heyman will decide to join up with Rollins? What about Roman Reigns? I am not totally sure if WWE is going to do all that build up for Reigns just to drop him back down the card! (READ: They might though!) It’s clear they still want him to be the future of the company. It’s just that his time as the future just isn’t going to be happening right now, and that is completely fine. Better to win the title at a time that people are behind it, and not have it happen and have the fans crap all over it. Reigns is the future of the company for sure, just no the immediate future. Rollins should also have Randy Orton waiting in the wings for him. Orton defeated Rollins earlier in the night at Wrestlemania, and he will probably feel that based on his victory that he is a contender for the title. Logically, that would make sense. That is three opponents all lined up for Rollins if WWE decides to go that route with him as champion. I think that WWE’s product after WrestleMania could be very interesting. You guys wanted to see something new and fresh at the top, and here is the chance for WWE to deliver with a fresh face as the World champion. Seth Rollins is so fresh that he is actually the first WWE champion to be born AFTER the first WrestleMania took place. I have confidence that things will go very well for Rollins as long as the fans are behind it, the booking is good, and as long as Rollins can show that he was worth taking the chance on. Clearly, WWE felt he was more ready than Roman Reigns was! Either that, or Vince really enjoyed the images of Seth Rollin’s junk because it Rollins wasn’t punished at all for it! The World may never know. What do you think will happen next? You think Rollins has what it takes to be the top guy in WWE? Or do you think this is more of a test for him than anything? Hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox or you can reach me on Facebook in the group “World Wrestling Junkies”. Catch you next time for more Wrestling Nerd Commentary.

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