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Interview With Christopher Daniels, Former TNA Superstar

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans, to yet another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview we had the immense pleasure to welcome back former TNA Superstar Christopher Daniels. Chris has become far more active in the independent wrestling scene, since leaving TNA in April of 2014, wrestling for a myriad of promotions including most notably Ring of Honor, where he has some spectacular matches, one of note was with former WWE Superstar and multiple time world champion Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio). Not only is Chris an in-ring general, but he's become a major part of the comic book industry, publishing a comic with fellow tag team partner and former TNA Superstar Kazarian, which is entitled "The Addiction," published by AwYeahComics.com and is sure to be a huge success. I spoke with Christopher on this thoughts of working with Alberto El Patron, how he'd feel working for the WWE as a trainer for NXT, his recent appearance on AMC's 'Comic Book Men' along with Kazarian and more. Richard: Since then you left TNA in April 2014, did you see this move coming on your part or was it a surprise that you would have to eventually leave TNA? Chris: I was definitely surprised and disappointed. I knew that we (Frankie and myself) weren't being used as a top tag-team despite being told repeatedly that we were one of the most entertaining acts on the roster, but I figured that there was an ebb & flow to it all, and once TNA signed Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, I assumed there'd be an opportunity for us to come back into the spotlight in a feud against them. But that wasn't the case. Richard: Most wrestling fans know that you are an avid comic book fan, are you just a reader? or do you collect vintage comics as well? Chris: I don't seek out older comics currently, I'm more of a reader at this point. I have digital access to a lot of Marvel & DC's older library, and when I get nostalgic for older books, I can usually read what I want. Richard: I'd like to get your thoughts on some wrestling fan's notions, that smaller wrestlers can't be as successful as some of the most well-known larger wrestlers in the business as Hulk Hogan, John Cena, etc. Do you think this mindset is accurate? Chris: No, it certainly depends on the specific wrestler you're speaking of. For every generic stereotype about the "bigger" wrestler and their level of success, you find an exception like Rey Mysterious, CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan to offset that. I feel like wrestling today is more open to different sizes and styles in terms of broad success. Richard: A lot of ex-WWE Talents are now working as trainers for NXT, if you were presented with the opportunity, would you consider working for the WWE in that capacity? Chris: I would certainly give it very serious thought. I've never had the opportunity to work for the WWE in a long-term performance capacity, so it would be an interesting opportunity if I were offered such a role. Richard: Getting back to the topic of TNA, with the recent news of the company finding a new network to air IMPACT and its other programming, do you think TNA is back on the road, in terms of maintaining its status as a major professional wrestling promotion? Chris: I think that they are in a very good position with Destination America in terms of being the highest profile show on the network at this point. I believe this will afford them the luxury of bargaining power as their relationship with the network grows. Richard: Now that you are no longer chained to the hip to a major pro wrestling promotion like TNA, how are you enjoying your time performing for smaller promotions? Chris: I'm definitely enjoying working on the independent scene right now. I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of young talent since leaving TNA, and this has forced me to up my game in terms of my in-ring output. Richard: Back to the topic of comic books, professional wrestling and comics have never been a major success, in terms of crossovers and marketing, in your opinion why do you think the genre of pro wrestling never successfully fit in the world of comics? Chris: I believe that as a form of entertainment, it's hard to portray the action of professional wrestling in the form of static pictures like you see in comic books. Even with the talent that exists in terms of comic artists, they can only represent each panel as a moment in time, where wrestling action is a series of moments strung together, and it's difficult to express that action artistically. Richard: Going back in time to the early 2000's, is there anything you would have done different, in terms of winning WWE over, to secure a full-time contract with the company? Chris: Not really. I feel like the period of my career where the WWE might have been most interested in me as a performer was when I was contractually obligated to TNA, so there really wasn't a time when going there would have been feasible. Richard: After you defeated James Storm at TNA Genesis 2013, you received a TNA World Heavyweight Championship Shot against then champion Jeff Hardy; in your opinion do you think you should have received more world title shots earlier in your career in TNA? Chris: I think if I was given a long-term opportunity to compete as a heavyweight contender, I would have been a compelling challenger, but I don't believe the creative forces in TNA ever saw me as such. Richard: Staying on the topic of Jeff Hardy, what are your thoughts on working with Hardy in the ring? Chris: I always had good experiences with Jeff in TNA. He was always a very generous performer to work with. Richard: At Ring Of Honor's Supercard of Honor IX, you squared off against Roderick Strong, even though you lost the match, do you think this will propel you into the ROH World Title picture in the near future? Chris: Well, I believe that as one of the first talents to work at the main event level in RoH, I can always be looked upon as a viable contender to the heavyweight title. But a lot of that depends on the future for Frankie & me as a tag team, which I feel is very positive at this point. Richard: Earlier this year you had the opportunity to wrestle Alberto El Patron (WWE's Alberto Del Rio) What was your initial reaction, upon hearing the news that you'd be facing him? Chris: I was very proud that the company viewed me as a potential opponent for Alberto. I felt that it was a sign of their confidence in me as a wrestler to put me in such a high-profile match. Richard: You and Kazarian recently appeared on an episode of AMC's 'Comic Book Men' are you a fan of the show, or was Jay & Silent Bob's Comics just another potential vendor for your comic 'The Addiction'? Chris: We're both big fans of the show and of Kevin Smith's, so getting the opportunity to appear on the show and expose the comic book to the COMIC BOOK MEN audience was a lot of fun for both of us. Fans can follow Christopher Daniels on Twitter @facdaniels, check out his Official Website and be sure to check out 'The Addiction' on AwYeahComics.com! I want to personally thank Christopher Daniels, for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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