• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Does The United States Championship Mean Anything Anymore?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

Last Tuesday on a SmackDown taping, fans seen Alberto Del Rio beat Kalisto for the WWE United States Championship. And to me a short reign for Kalisto means that decision to drop it that quick is a bad decision when it comes to creative ideas. Now the United States Championship is nothing more than a joke, and now the Intercontinental Championship official means something now that Dean Ambrose is holding it. Last year, the United States Championship meant a lot when John Cena held on to the gold. He used to have these open challenges to see who can take the belt off of him. Once Seth Rollins beat Cena to capture the United States Championship along the way defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it became a little bit interesting to me. Once Cena got the belt back, we saw the open challenges come back and we seen new faces for the belt. Cena and Rollins made that title prestigious once again after months of irrelevancy. But once Del Rio beat Cena for the gold, the belt has become irrelevant in my view. I don't care about how he came back and won the gold, I wanted fresh new faces to maintain the prestige and not someone irrelevant hold on to it. But like the man or not, Alberto Del Rio's return to WWE is an interesting and polarizing one at that. While fans have become more critical of WWE's current product (Save for Mauro Ranallo's commentary for SmackDown), this decision will have more reasons for fans to be critical of that booking decision. Will this be rectified at a later time? You bet it will. But does the United States Championship mean anything now? To me, not now, but somewhere down the line it will mean something. Cena made that belt relevant last year, and now Alberto Del Rio will make it irrelevant yet again. Agree or disagree about this topic? Send me your thoughts on this topic by contacting me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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