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Five Women Wrestlers That Are Better Than The Divas

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

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Women's wrestling has had its ups and downs as of late. The Divas Revolution happening in WWE has become a free-for-all. There are plenty of independent names that can hold their own against the Divas, and I wouldn't care if they won or lost because it should be interesting. In an effort to spare people the agony of writing a long winded speech about it, here are five women who are ABSOLUTELY better than most Divas. Nicole Matthews, for me, is one of those five. Nicole isn't a former SHIMMER Champion for nothing. While she can hold her own against men, she can rough up plenty of Divas too. Another name would be Alpha Female. She is powerhouse to put it bluntly. Alpha Female isn't one to mess with. In fact, if Alpha Female can dominate most of the Divas, who can stop her? For the Joshi fans out there, another name I would consider better than the Divas is Io Shirai. Io's high flying style brings out the best out of whoever she competes against, and that's saying something. Madison Eagles isn't one to mess with, which is why she is one of my five women wrestlers who is better than the Divas. Madison's height will be a major factor against the majority of the Divas. Who would disagree with that? Wrapping up the list would have to be Cheerleader Melissa, due to her longevity in the sport. Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor Dan Murphy has said that Melissa's work rate blows anyone else's away, I agree with those sentiments as her athleticism and solid technical ability would outclass any of her opponents. That folks are my five women's wrestlers who are definitely better the Divas. Don't believe me? Watch their matches and see why they are the better athletes in the squared circle. They are certainly better than Nikki Bella or Dana Brooke. You won't be disappointed. ​So folks, what's your opinion on this topic? Send me your thoughts on this by contacting me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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