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The Problem With Booking AJ Styles

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

*This article was written by Guest Writer D.M. Levin

The move by WWE to add AJ Styles to the main roster, bypassing NXT, is one of the best moves the company y has made in some time. The international superstar certainly added some pop to the Royal Rumble, giving the crowd in Orlando and the fans watching him on Monday Night Raw something to look forward to. But now that he is on the mainstage in the biggest promotion of his career, what will the creative team do to cash in on his instantaneous success? Who is worthy of being the first real feud Styles will experience? According to a story in the Inquisitr, Ringside News and Dave Meltzer claim, “AJ Styles will most likely feud with Owens starting on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw. “Meltzer would go on to explain that his program with Ambrose is over and Owens and Styles could both benefit off a strong feud moving forward.” It’s a solid move, but one I question myself. The idea of a Style-Owens battle gets me a bit excited, but the crowd in Orlando erupted when Sami Zayn hit the ring during the Rumble and the immediate connection with Owens – rekindling an old feud – had us all speculating the two would meet at either Fastlane or better yet, would square off in Dallas at WrestleMania 32. Now, that looks like it is on hold for the time being. The problem with a roster that is depleted like WWE’s situation is there isn’t enough superstars to go around. OK, let me rewrite that. There isn’t enough wrestlers this company believes in or has pushed enough to see what they can do. Therefore, when it is time for newly signed superstars to come out from the back and set the world on fire, the pickings are slim. I love the idea that Styles in finally in WWE, but a match with Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton is a lot more exciting to me. Oh, I forgot – those guys are on the injured reserve list. Because of numbers or lack of them, Zayn is pushed aside and probably sent back to NXT where a feud with Austin Aries would rack the roof at Full Sail. WWE is actually in a decent spot right now. The momentum from the Rumble will serve the company well when booking Fastlane and setting up WrestleMania, but it’s not without its flaws. Who faces Zayn if he is now part of the main roster and once the Triple Threat Match at Fastlane scatters, who battles who? All the while, we are still left wondering if Owens and Styles is a momentary fling or a long-lasting battle. We shall see whether WWE can keep the same course with this potential feud, or will it change direction – and give fans more excitement and more matches that make more sense.

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