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Roman Reigns isn’t the Right Hero for WWE – For Now

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

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*This article was written by Guest Writer D.M. Levin

What if Roman Reigns isn’t the guy? What if WWE and Vince McMahon finally realize after a year of planning that the wrestler hand chosen to become the replacement for John Cena is not the one for the job? It’s so evident by the fan reaction – with or without WWE’s World Championship around his waist – Reigns is clearly the third most popular in the Triple Threat match planned for Fastlane. Something has to happen if Reigns is going to catapult himself past Brock Lesnar and his brother in arms, Dean Ambrose. How can someone who looks the part, dominates like he does and has improved over the course of 2015 not get over with the fans? Bad booking? Injuries? Charisma? Maybe it is a lethal dose of all these things. Reigns, not because of a lack of effort, cannot seem to form a bond with the fans, regardless of how hard McMahon, his daughter Stephanie and Triple H, the current company champion, have tried to “push” him over the ledge. Fact it, it’s just not happening. Truthfully, the only person who can put Reigns over is Triple H because he represents the golden nugget Reigns needs to complete his transformation. But what if there is an alternative to this master plan that could erase the doubt we all have about the former Shield member? WWE’s plan all along was for Triple H to win the Rumble match. The steps to get there, however, were manipulated during the match. In a perfect world, Reigns should have been eliminated a long time before being the 28th person to go over the top rope. Dean Ambrose should have beaten the current champion for the title, which would have set up a feud between the new champion and Reigns. Or, what if Ambrose wins the Triple Threat Match at Fastlane over Lesnar and Reigns – where he actually pins Reigns for the title – then loses the match to Triple H at WrestleMania as Reigns turns heel? Ambrose regains the title at Extreme Rules or Payback and sets up a mega match at SummerSlam? I hate to come up with these types of scenarios, but it appears someone needs to lend the creative team a hand. With the three babyfaces squaring off to face their boss, someone has to jump sides, which is the best chance for Reigns to win over the crowd. For years, the NWA and WCW had a dilemma with Barry Windham. He was loved by the fans, but could not beat Ric Flair (as it was planned that way). Reigns is not the popular figure Windham was, but he falls in the same category. Windham’s heel turn was the greatest thing to happen to professional wrestling at the time. And was the biggest event in the business until Hulk Hogan turned on the fans. Reigns needs a monumental moment like this, something we will all talk about for years. A heel turn, and then a return to the right side of the fence later on in his career, is the best possible chance for McMahon to say he was right all along. I still stand by my statement that Reigns is not the right man to carry the WWE torch. That does not mean it won’t happen later on and be the right move. There are a lot of things to like about Reigns and his character – but he isn’t there quite yet. Until then, WWE should focus on Lesnar and Ambrose and hope a heel turn of poignant moment changes the fans’ perception of the former champion. It could mean the difference in a year’s worth of work paying off and a plot to make someone a champion falling flat with no hope of every breathing new life into his character.

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