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Can I See Kane Vs. Undertaker One More Time?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

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*This article was written by Guest Writer D.M. Levin

I know it is way past the beginning of the new year and Christmas and Hanukkah are firmly a distant memory, but if I could have one wish – maybe a late holiday celebration – could I see Kane and Undertaker one more time? I realize this is a “big” favor to ask Vince McMahon and his babbling creative team, but could they for once do the right thing and give and a millions of fans the one true match that makes sense at WrestleMania 32? Kane should be the Deadman’s opponent and there is no more discussion to be had. The only thing that may come close is if Shawn Michaels decided to get back in the ring (I know, I have talked about this before) and claimed that Texas was “his” town, stirring the Phenom’s fire a bit. We all know that isn’t happening any time soon, so Kane make more sense as time draws nearer to the April 3 date of WrestleMania. Kane vs. Undertaker. One more time before both of the greatest big men in the history of this business finally hang up their boots. Kane vs. Undertaker has so much meaning in the course of history in the WWE. Brothers of Destruction, Tag Team Champions, WWE Champions, bitter rivals and the best at giving the fans what they bought tickets for. While Undertaker is the icon (in the same regard as Sting) and Kane is the most underrated performer in WWE history (in my opinion), they have a place in lore that needs to culminate with both retiring. But those plans cannot happen until they face each other once more in the squared circle. This kind of rivalry, like HBK and Bret Hart, Ric Flair and Harley Race and Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard, is one that is sacred, has meaning and will forever be accepted in wrestling circles. It goes against everything I continually preach about - the fact that the WWE needs to cultivate young talent, stay away from veterans returning to save the company and eliminate the possibility to fans not buying a ticket or the WWE Network. No matter who you are, you love the idea of the Dead Man and the Big Red Machine locking elbows and putting on a show. The idea gives Kane a chance to show his “evil” side one more time while it motivates ‘Taker to give us better than his best. Undertaker is the company's most tenured performer and is the only remaining active competitor from the very first episode of Monday Night Raw in 1993. And he is the most respected name in the locker room. Kane is one of the best workers to ever get in a wrestling ring. You cannot get much more praise than that. With other wrestlers like Big Show and Mark Henry coming to the end of their careers as well, ending where you first started and built something great should be on the minds of both of these competitors. A last ride with Kane is ideal for a storybook ending, should this be the last match we see the Dead Man compete in. In professional wrestling, you can make this stuff up, you can live the dream and you can pick a winner and a loser. And before it is said and done, both of these winners need to face each other in the ring, one last time.

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