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Gabi Castrovinci, What Does Going Public With Your Injuries Accomplish?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

While wrestling may be sports entertainment, this past weekend was anything but. Gabi Castrovinci, who appeared in TNA under the name Raquel, was involved in an altercation of sorts against one of her opponents at an WXW event (A promotion run by Afa the Wild Samoan). After winning the match, not only did she get bruises, she also got a cracked tooth and a hairline fracture on the left side of her jaw. During the aftermath of all of this, Raquel discussed the issue with the people at TMZ, gaining total notoriety. Thankfully, Raquel did not press any charges because it might hurt her career. While most people criticized Raquel for taking it to TMZ, most people understood her situation. Wrestling, as most people should know, is entertainment. These things happen all the time. While the incident should have been under control, it should be noted that there should be some repercussions for everyone involved. It's not everyday people get seriously hurt and tell all about it in order to get some notoriety along the way. It won't help, but talking about it doesn't hurt either. Several names, most notably Cheerleader Melissa and Thunderkitty, dismissed the idea of Raquel addressing her injuries to a news outlet like TMZ. Melissa's snide remark regarding the issue was met with criticism from fans, but it doesn't make it right to pounce on her for her comments. I have to say one thing in defense of Melissa; She has been against tougher opponents and was left with bruises and nasty cuts, but she's still standing. The remark might have come out in bad taste, but at least she knows what she's talking about. I've been doing wrestling journalism for four years, and the last thing I want to do is disagree with what she is saying but at the same time disagree with what other people are saying about the incident. What's going to the press gonna accomplish? In my opinion what Raquel should have done is address it to the promoters before going public with her incident. If you can't take the physicality, then wrestling isn't the sport for you. But I know Gabi will do better in spite of all of this, knowing I will be met with criticism along the way. The assault was unprofessional, and it should be met with consequences.

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