• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

SHINE Is Getting Better

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Last night's SHINE 33 event was improving to say the least, but at the same time it comes as no surprise as Valkyrie (The group managed by So Cal Val, who was absent last night) still have the gold; which includes the SHINE Championship and the SHINE Tag Team Championship. But at the same time, three of the nine matches on the card ended with outside interference and the Jessica Havok/Vanessa Kraven match ended in a no contest, so it wasn't THAT bad. It's safe to say that SHINE has heard to complaints from the fans, and are willing to do better in order to give us fans the best product they can offer. While that might be a long way to go for now, the process is still underway to make SHINE one of the best women's wrestling promotions internationally. First, another win from Taylor Made as she was able to get the win against the heavy favorite, Kimber Lee, but it did not impress me one bit. I've said it before and I'll say it again; While building Taylor as champion will have some growing pains, and of course the interferences from the Valkyrie needs to be toned down in order to build her up. While most people believe that the prestige of the SHINE Championship goes up because Taylor wasn't built up right, I say the prestige goes down the middle because it might not last a full year to become the longest reigning Champion in SHINE history. And with her upcoming match against Ivelisse for the belt, the stakes could not get be higher. There were also solid performances from the Barbi Hayden, Amber Gallows, Crazy Mary Dobson and everybody involved with SHINE 33 as everybody was doing their part to put on the best show possible. I will say this, SHINE is still doing their part to make the experience better for the fans, but with that said, it got back in the good graces of the fans after that. Let's hope The WWN Experience and an upcoming SHINE event will be a turning point for the promotion going forward.

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