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Bray Wyatt: WWE’s Biggest And Best Commodity Is A Forgotten Man

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Evidently, Vince McMahon’s theory of “bigger is better” does not apply to everyone on the WWE roster. If that were true, Brock Lesnar, Rusev and Bray Wyatt would be three of the more dominant forces in the company. Lesnar has a date with Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32. Rusev is part of the League of Nations, and looks to be entrenched in a battle with The New Day. For Wyatt, it’s somewhat of a mystery as to why the man who follows the buzzards and has one of the better cult-like followings in the business is being cast aside from a potential showdown with The Beast Incarnate in Dallas. Furthermore, WWE is failing to take advantage of one of its greatest commodities. Either there is a bigger plan for the Wyatt Family – which will include Braun Stroman winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal – or the creative team is clueless how to book the star and his flock. I would tend to think the latter, not so much the former. Wyatt is one of the true gems WWE has and one of the few characters with depth and a backstory that is rich with potential. A feud with the likes of Kane, Big Show and the now free-thinking Ryback is not what we all thought would happen once the Royal Rumble ended. If there is anyone on the roster besides Ambrose who deserves a run at the WWE World Title – or any title for that matter – it’s Wyatt. To add to the mystery of why Wyatt is not taking a more prominent role in the company is the return of Shane McMahon and the upcoming Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker. Every story-line now takes a backseat. There is no wiggle room. Since we all know McMahon may not be the opponent of the Dead Man, the shroud of silence over his replacement is biggest thing to come out of this company since the retirement of Edge and how this promotion lost its way with his departure. Given that Daniel Bryan just retired and a slew of wrestlers are still on the mend, you would think Wyatt would be able to cash in on the lack of superstars and that maybe a baby-face turn would be in order. Not a chance. This is WWE not some fictional reality television promotion. This promotion has a real knack for botching storylines, for shifting gears and making us fans fall over in disgust. Rusev was as dominant a heel as there has been in some time, but a loss to John Cena turned him into nothing more than a bit part in this play. Wade Barrett could have been the best UK wrestler in the business since Billy Robinson, but injuries and a lack of direction stopped that from happening. Dolph Ziggler – well let’s just stop there. Just like Mickey from Rocky said, women make you weak. While a Roman Reigns heel turn is the only way for him to gain the support of the fan base he needs to be a true WWE champion, the best way to use Wyatt might be to have him align himself with the good guys in the company, much like Undertaker and Kane and to some extent, Lesnar has done. There is too much talent that this company is wasting and there are plenty of opportunities for him to succeed – even with a full roster. WWE cannot wait for stars to return and rivalries to flame out. Right now, there is no opponent for Wyatt at WrestleMania 32. I bemoaned the same thing about Undertaker last week until Shane O’Mac made his return to glory. Wyatt deserves a better fate. If there is no true story-line for him in the coming weeks at WrestleMania this company will have buried one of its best commodities. But like I have said before in other articles and on other sites, that’s nothing new. A faded Wyatt and his minions would be par for the course on a wrestling roller coaster than shows no signs of a direct path to success.

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