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It IS..What It Is!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Sorry that I haven’t been as active lately! I have been fighting a very bad cold and chest congestion brought on by these wacky weather changes here in the Northeast. I know that all 12 of you readers have missed me, so I am going to get right into an all new column here at Pro Wrestling Madness. Is there anyone else here who is not all that excited about the card for WrestleMania 32? On paper, it just isn’t that impressive. We are a little over a week away from what WWE calls “The Grandest Stage of Them All”, but it just is not coming off as something that I would call grand. Let me start off by saying that while I am not excited about the card itself, I am always excited about the Wrestlemania brand itself. This is why I have said in the past that I expect the event to sell out based on the name alone. I look at it as akin to when the NFL has the Super Bowl. I watch that regardless of if my Pittsburgh Steelers are in the big game or not. I watch Wrestlemania every year in rote, like most people. It’s a chance for me and my fellow wrestling peeps to get together, eat a ton of food, and drink a ton of alcohol. WWE has made Wrestlemania into a huge media event where people from all over the US as well as the World come to this event just to say that they were part of it. When I look at the card, there is just so much left to be desired. A lot of the matches come off as rematches of bouts that I have seen on Raw. What happened to the buildup that used to take place for Wrestlemania matches? What happened to when the card would be set more than a month ahead of time with exciting promos? Now every match except for a select few come off as thrown together for the sake of everyone being booked on the card. As much as I have complained about The Undertaker facing Shane McMahon, I will say that I am at least intrigued by it because I want to see where it leads. I want to know what the end game is going to be there because of what is at stake. The New Day vs The League of Nations? I expect The New Day to be their entertaining selves, as usual but does anyone here really care about the League of Nations? I want to care about Roman Reigns vs Triple H, I really do. It’s the main event and for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It’s just that they have made Reigns look like a goof ever since Royal Rumble to the point where everyone is booing him. If he wins the match and the championship, which is probably the design but can always change, how will he react to being booed by 100,000 people? The way he should react is by getting on the top turnbuckle and flipping the fans off! Go organic from there! Let him completely heel it up, and then everyone will have incentive to boo him. I mean WWE tried force feeding him to everyone in another attempt to create organic, and it didn’t work. Might as well go the other way and see what happens, right? Yeah I ranted and complained, but I will keep it 100% with all of you. I took a 4 day weekend off from work just so that I can watch everything leading up to WrestleMania itself with NXT Takeover and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony because I love WrestleMania weekend regardless of the card itself. Sure, I yearn for the days of WrestleMania 14, but hey I also hope that Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship and has his WrestleMania moment which we all know isn’t happening. Anyone want to guess which match will be on the preshow and which match is going to be bumped off the card to make room for Flo Rida to perform his lame ass song? Finally, who is going to win that goofy looking trophy in the Andre the Giant Creative Has Nothing for You Battle Royal? Find out this and more next time on Dragonb…..no that’s not it. Find out this and more at Wrestlemania 32! What do you think? What match do you look forward to? Are you more excited about the card or the name WrestleMania? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @whosantcox. Have a good one, wrestling fans! Thanks for reading.

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