• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Five Wrestlers That Would Make An Impact For Tier 1 Wrestling

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Tier 1 Wrestling is one of my favorite promotions in New York. The quality of each match is truly amazing, and the fans aren't disappointed. But what if they brought in some well known names from the independent scene to help put the promotion over? For this column I will only name five. Courtney Rush (Known in TNA as Rosemary) would help boost the brand and bring a new side of aggression we haven't seen before from her. The Demon Assassin never wrestled in the Big Apple before, but we New Yorkers would love to see her put a hurt on someone in the ring. Be it Aja Perera or JGeorge, Rush will bring her punishing side to Tier 1 and further cement herself as a star. JR Kratos, a west coast mainstay, would also be a perfect addition to the Tier 1 family. His style will mesh with names such as Gran Akuma, Darius Carter, and Rude Boy Riley. The best wrestling in the Big Apple would get some west coast flavor if they decide to bring him in. If you want someone who can make it big, then Kongo Kong is your guy. A fierce competitor in the ring but also a big man in wrestling, Kongo Kong would put the entire Tier 1 Wrestling locker room on notice. If anybody can put a dent on the New York wrestling landscape, it's Kongo Kong. I'd like to see an Ace Romero/Kongo Kong match-up in the future if Tier 1 makes the deal to bring him in. Thunder Rosa is another name that might make waves in the New York wrestling scene. If Tier 1 were smart, they capitalize on her popularity with matches that mean something. Tier 1 is all about the youth movement, and Thunder Rosa is all about that and more. A proud Luchadora, she might make it big in one of wrestling's historic cities. Cheerleader Melissa is also someone I would love to see in Tier 1 Wrestling. A legend in women's wrestling, Melissa will bring her tier 1 talent to the number one media market in America and hopefully bring STARDOM USA to New York in the near future. If there is anybody that can make it big in New York, it's the Future Legend. Hopefully Tier 1 Wrestling could bring one of them in for a show one day. New York may be one of the most historic places in professional wrestling, but Tier 1 can capitalize on the opportunity of bringing in tier 1 talent with it.

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