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Owens & Styles: What The Fans Want, What WWE Needs to Happen

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

*This article was written by Guest Writer D.M. Levin

As a brash owner of the Intercontinental Title, Kevin Owens appears primed for a big run toward the WWE World Title and a potential feud with Roman Reigns. The idea of the best villain in the company facing arguably the most hated baby-face to ever wear the company’s top belt could help both performers moving forward. But if you believe a match like this or a series of matches will happen once WrestleMania 32 closes up camp in Dallas, you will be waiting for a very long time. AJ Styles is the next one to face the mid card leader, the man who is “stuck” with the honor of wearing a title that has done little to help launch a wrestling career of late, and a title that has meant so much to WWE in the past, but is forgotten for it importance and historical value. Still, Owens hopes his seven-man ladder match in Dallas will ultimately lead to a shot at Reigns or whoever is holding the company’s highest honor; But first, he must deal with the new kid on the block and his popularity as the hot commodity. Owens had a thing or two to say in an interview on CBS Radio/106.7 The Fan DC’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this past week to promote a live event at the Verizon Center in Washington DC and WrestleMania 32. While he spoke on a great many topics, Styles was also on his mind as he prepares for his match in his first WrestleMania event. Styles’ hair was the topic of conversation. “I mean look, AJ Styles, he called himself phenomenal, I don’t know about that, but he’s great. Tremendous performer, a great athlete, but he’s got the same haircut as my aunt and I can’t look past that. I’m sorry but it’s true. That’s the truth. My aunt’s like in her fifties and she’s a woman. AJ Styles is not a woman and he’s not in his fifties and I feel like that haircut’s unacceptable. But I feel like it could work to his opponent’s advantage once in a while because it gets in his eyes and he can’t see. I don’t know he can keep it if he wants I’ll just keep making fun of it.” These kind of soft lobs at the former TNA superstar are well and good, but they serve as a chance to build on what has already been a hot topic of late. The two have met in the ring in recent matches and the build for a potential feud with the summer months on the horizon have already raised the temperature of interest amongst fans. Styles is the right wrestler to give Owens one more fascinating feud before he potentially takes a swing at Reigns or whomever is carrying the company’s gold on his shoulder. The fact Owens is keenly aware of Styles, and has mentioned him over and over again on his Twitter account means this is a confrontation that will happen immediately, and is not a case of when the creative team gets around to putting it together. Owens is way too talented to be stuck below the main event. So is Styles. The fans are begging for something huge to happen given the fact too many top stars are nursing injuries. This might be just the elixir they need and the company needs to get through the pain of a depleted roster. As long as Owens continues to make his opinions known and has Styles in his cross-hairs, this cannot help but become one of the better feuds this company has had in some time.

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