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The Blame Game

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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There is some chatter out there where people in creative are taking the blame for Roman Reigns not getting over with the fans. This is always the thing with WWE, where their own brass plays the blame game when something they created and wanted to get over doesn’t go over. When something they don’t want to be over actually does get over, they try to snuff it out (see Bryan, Daniel). With Roman Reigns, I am wondering how creative and producers are getting the blame whenever all decisions in regards to what is said in promos as well as the segments and story-lines that make it on to television have Vince McMahon’s final say. It all started with them cutting Reigns’ balls off at the Royal Rumble by making him look silly. From being attacked at the start of the Rumble by the League of Nations to getting eliminated next to last by Triple H, the creative decisions pretty much killed him off. I was waiting for Triple H to walk up to him afterwards and piss on him before walking away with the WWE title. I hope Vince McMahon understands that FANS SEE EVERYTHING! How does a creative team of more than 30 people have trouble writing good TV and getting a guy over? It’s because this push has been forced and it is not organic. Last I checked, it’s not up to a creative team to get someone over. It should be up to the performers themselves to get over. This is something that the higher ups in WWE actually told all of their talent. If someone is truly over, then things will be organic and the fans will let you know it. You think it was a creative team that came up with Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock? No, those guys were saddled with silly gimmicks and forced to make it work. It was when they were allowed to be themselves and come up with their own ideas that they finally got over. Today, the creative team is micromanaged and promos are scripted. Everyone walks on eggshells to appease the out of touch 70 year old running things. This is where Reigns get some of the blame for not being over. I understand that his promos are scripted for him, but he has no fire in his promos at all. He sounds wooden. It’s like there is no passion because he knows he is going to be a top guy in WWE for years to come regardless. Look at guys who did promos in the past like Bret Hart or even The Ultimate Warrior. No one had any idea what The Ultimate Warrior was saying, but it sounded cool and he sounded like he truly believed in what he was saying which in turn made the fans believe in him. Bret Hart wasn’t the best talker, but his promos worked because he always spoke from the heart, it sounded like your friend was having a conversation with you. It didn’t sound like he was reading off of a piece of paper. Roman Reigns is getting booed out of every building they have gone to on the Road to WrestleMania where there has been a televised show. I feel pretty bad for the guy because he has everything that one would want in a WWE star as far as size and looks. He is pretty much a marketing dream! He just needs to be given a chance to be himself. He needs a chance to come up with his own ideas to see what works for him. Last week, I said turn him heel. If they do this, he would be the perfect fodder for Seth Rollins returning at a face who never lost his championship. If the Roman Reigns project fails, there will definitely enough blame to go around on this one. Reigns would get blame because he was given the ball and fumbled, the creative team will get blame for not coming up with anything to help him get over, and then we can blame Vince himself because it is him who wanted Reigns to look strong. He can yell at creative all he wants, but he is the one who green-lights everything. What do you think? Who do you blame for Roman Reigns’ current lot in WWE where he is not able to get over? As always you can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox, and we can discuss it on Facebook in World Wrestling Junkies! I hope everyone enjoys WrestleMania this weekend.

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