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Maverick Pro Wrestling's Next Live Event On April 22nd

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Here's the latest info on Maverick Pro Wrestling's next event, which will be held on April 22nd.

"We're just 5 days away from this stacked event as Maverick Pro presents Stop Running The Same Day As Us come see Evolve and Wrestle Circus star The best eva Sammy Guevara Combat Zone Wrestling's Brittany Blake International Superstar Kitutaro Fsw's Kevin Kross Evolve's Jason Cade Former TNA knockout Winter Dicky Mayer Tito Escondido Ray Rosas The Human Tornado Suede Thompson Jacob Austin Young and so much more tickets are now on sale adults are just 20 dollars kids 12 and under are just 10 the new Maverick Pro arena is located at American Legion Hall 227 N. Ave.55 90042 Los Angeles Ca, order this link:"


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