• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Yoshiko's Unprofessional Act

To some people, wrestling is entertainment, and nothing but that. To others, wrestling is real and sometimes wrestlers get hurt. This past Sunday, those who believed that the sport was real proved the doubters wrong when Act Yasukawa got beat up real bad by currently ex-STARDOM Champion Yoshiko at a STARDOM event in the fabled Korakuen Hall in Japan. What Yoshiko did was out of line, uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. And that incident not only got Yoshiko in got water, but STARDOM had to come up with new policies do that kind of thing well never happen again in pro wrestling. At the event, Yoshiko pounded on Act real bad that Act had to seek medical attention because she had brutal swelling of the orbital bone. But when the match was over, Yoshiko won the match via knockout. That should have never have counted, because Yoshiko broke a very sacred rule in pro wrestling; Always protect your opponent regardless of personal feelings towards that individual. What happened next was anyone's guess. In the aftermath of that unprofessional incident, STARDOM announced that not only the match was declared a no contest, but also Yoshiko was suspended indefinitely and stripped of the STARDOM Championship as a result of that incident. She later apologized for her actions and accepted her punishment. But to wrestling fans and a few wrestlers alike, a suspension is not good enough, as they are calling for Yoshiko to be banned from wrestling and leave STARDOM because of what she did to Act Yasukawa. I believe that the punishment fits the crime, and hopefully Yoshiko will turn this around in the near future. Also, STARDOM made new policies that ensure the safety of the talent in the ring. One of them was that a ring doctor will be present at all times during STARDOM events. Also, closed fist strikes are now banned, so those who plan on using their fists, they'll likely be disqualified for using them. I really feel bad for Act Yasukawa because she had put her body on the line so much that she would take those punches from Yoshiko and try to fight back. But Yoshiko crossed the line and she got what she deserved, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Now that the STARDOM Championship is now vacant, it's gonna be a free-for-all at the top. I wish Act Yasukawa a speedy recovery and I hope what happened to her will never, ever happen again in pro wrestling. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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