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WWE Reportedly Impressed With SmackDown Star

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE Officials are apparently very impressed with SmackDown Star Jinder Mahal as of late. Mahal earned a Number One Contender spot on SmackDown this past tuesday, and will face WWE Champion Randy Orton at the next SmackDown Pay-per-view.

Meltzer commented on WWE's thoughts on Mahal.

"There are people backstage in WWE that are applauding Jinder Mahal for the hard work he’s put in since returning to WWE last year. People that know him say that he is taking this run very very seriously, and he is “working his ass off” to make sure he is given opportunities within the company. That hard work has paid off because he is the next challenger for the WWE Championship at WWE Backlash."

There is a theory that the WWE is looking to make a huge impact in India, in terms of future ticket sales for its next tour there. Thus, putting Mahal in a top spot does make sense business wise.

It's all about selling as many tickets in the WWE's foreign markets as possible. The Great Khali was a draw in India as well, not to mention ADR and Rey Mysterio Jr. were huge draws in Mexico when WWE went there as well. In the 90s Bret Hart sold a lot of tickets for the WWE in Canada and the Middle East. It's just smart business on the part of WWE.

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