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The Miz Wants The Role Of Popular DC Superhero In Green Lit Film

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

In a recent interview with UpRoxx.com, WWE Superstar The Miz revealed he would jump at the chance to play the popular DC Character Booster Gold, in the upcoming film on the hero, that's been green lit and is apparently in development by Arrow and The Flash's Greg Berlanti. Miz commented on how it would be a tremendous opportunity to star in a DC or Marvel film and how he'd love to portray Booster Gold.

"My dream project? I mean, I think anyone’s dream project right now is how amazing the Marvel/DC comic book era is really coming together and really blowing up the scene. Anytime you have a movie, it’s breaking records, it’s doing great things, so obviously I’d want a Marvel character. Obviously, Deadpool is already taken and Ryan Reynolds did an absolutely fantastic job. That was always my dream role ever since I saw the video game seven years ago, I was like “Oh my god, I want to play this guy!” But, Ryan Reynolds took it and knocked it out of the park and did an absolutely incredible job, so I can’t fault him at all. But I think anyone would want to do Marvel or DC, maybe WWE can combine with them and do something, but you never know. Yeah, I mean a lot of the main ones are kind of taken. I’ve always wanted to play Booster Gold."

For the comic book fans who are familiar with the character of Booster Gold, the Miz would be a decent fit, as Gold is an arrogant and narcissistic hero, as is Miz's character in the WWE.

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