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WWE Network Releasing Collection Featuring Guardians Of The Galaxy Star

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

According to WWE Network News, an extensive collection featuring multiple time World Heavyweight Champion Batista, will be added to the WWE Network on May 1st. This release obviously coincides with the theatrical release of Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' which Batista stars as Drax the Destroyer. The collection on Batista will feature the following.

Raw 11/11/2002 – A Natural Beginning The impressive stature and ability of Batista earns the respect of the legendary Ric Flair.

Armageddon 2002 – An Animal and a Big Red Monster

In his Pay-Per-View debut, Batista takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Kane.

Raw 01/20/2003 – Evolution Takes Hold

One of the most devastating factions ever is formed when Batista faces off against Scott Steiner.

Raw 10/20/2003 – Collecting a Bounty With Triple H putting a price on the head of Goldberg, Batista returns from injury to collect the bounty.

Armageddon 2003 – Batista’s Worth in Gold As Evolution seizes every major championship, Batista and Ric Flair set their sights on the World Tag Team Titles.

Royal Rumble 2005 – Earning The Spot In one of the most controversial Royal Rumble Matches ever, Batista earns his spot in the main event of WrestleMania 21.

Raw 02/21/2005 – The Animal Walks Alone As the world awaits Batista’s choice of opponent to face at WrestleMania, The Animal decides to walk alone.

WrestleMania 21 – Triumph on the Grand Stage Batista’s journey to the top of WWE is realized when he challenges Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Backlash 2005 – A Worthy Champion Batista’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion is threatened when Triple H looks to reclaim his throne.

Vengeance 2005 – Game Over Triple H’s efforts to reclaim the World Heavyweight Title lead him inside Hell in a Cell against Batista for the gold.

SmackDown 06/30/2005 – Unleashed on SmackDown Teddy Long proves his worth as SmackDown General Manager by announcing Batista as his final draft pick.

SmackDown 12/16/2005 – In Memory of an Old Friend Batista and Rey Mysterio look to honor the memory of the late Eddie Guerrero by challenging MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Survivor Series 2006 – Last Chance to Dethrone a King Batista tries to battle his way to victory in his last chance to take the World Heavyweight Title from King Booker.

Unforgiven 2007 – Between a Giant and an Underdog Batista’s path to the World Heavyweight Title leads him to a Triple Threat Match against Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali.

No Mercy 2007 – Serving Time in a Punjabi Prison Within the confines of a Punjabi Prison Match, Batista defends the World Heavyweight Championship against The Great Khali.

SummerSlam 2008 – Six Years in the Making Two longtime colleagues clash in a battle six years in the making when Batista faces John Cena.

Cyber Sunday 2008 – Breaking Down the Walls A rattlesnake is voted to be the Special Referee when Batista challenges Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title.

Raw 12/15/2008 – The Legacy of Old Friends Batista gets more than he bargained for when he teams up with John Cena to take on Randy Orton and Legacy.

Raw 09/14/2009 – The Viper Becomes the Prey Months after suffering an injury at the hands of Randy Orton and his Legacy, Batista returns to lure The Viper into a trap.

Over the Limit 2010 – Walk Alone and Never Give Up In an epic confrontation, Batista challenges John Cena for the WWE Championship in an ‘I Quit’ Match.

Raw 05/24/2010 – A Critical Decision Despite an offer for a golden opportunity, Batista takes the road less traveled and says goodbye to the WWE Universe.

Raw 01/20/2014 – Back in Business After years of absence since leaving WWE, Batista makes his return with one thing on his mind.

Royal Rumble 2014 – – Bootista? While living up to his promise in the Royal Rumble Match, Batista learns that his return isn’t appreciated by everyone.

SmackDown 02/28/2014 – You Don’t Have to Support Me In response to his lukewarm reception after winning the Royal Rumble, Batista sends a message to the WWE Universe.

WrestleMania XXX – Three is a Crowd Batista battles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Raw 04/14/2014 – Evolution Reborn To battle the new challenges in WWE, Batista realigns himself with Triple H and Randy Orton in the rebirth of Evolution.

Raw 06/02/2014 – The Better Part of Valor With things not going the way he planned since his return, Batista decides to once again bid farewell to the WWE Universe.

NXT Taping 06/12/2014 (Dark Segment) – A Look at the Future While visiting the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, Batista meets some rare talent and gets an exclusive look into the future.

Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE – The Tune an Animal Walks To The power and emotion of Batista’s ring entrance is examined in this in-depth look at The Animal’s theme song, ‘I Walk Alone’.

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