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A.J. Styles Responds To Rumors Of Going To RAW Via. WWE Superstar Shakeup

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, former WWE Champion A.J. Styles responded to the rumors of a possible move to RAW via. the WWE Superstar Shakeup. Styles commented.

"As far as the Shakeup goes, I had no idea what was going on, I heard rumors as well, and I'm glad that they were wrong. Because, I hate when people know what's going on in our business, it should be our business to surprise you, not your business for someone else to read on the internet. That actually, upsets me that some people know - whoever it is - in the office of WWE, can't keep their mouth shut.

But it's fun for you guys to speculate and why 'they need to be on Raw' or 'they need to be on SmackDown.' That's fun. And to guess, and then to not know- because WWE didn't know until the last minute who was going where and I have no problem with that, because they [WWE] don't know, neither does the internet. I think it [had] some surprises and that is a good thing."Who he would like to face on Raw, that he hasn't yet:

"There's a lot of guys, I mean I haven't been in the ring with Seth Rollins. WWE hasn't seen Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Finn Balor."

It would be interesting to see Styles on RAW and it could be a shot in the arm for his career, as RAW has always been known as WWE's "A" show.

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