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Natalya Writes Heartfelt Article In Honor Of Stu Hart

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

It's not uncommon knowledge to the pro wrestling fans and to the pro wrestling world, that Natalya Neidhart grew up with and was a member of one of the most iconic wrestling families in history, The Hart Family. So, obviously she has fond memories of the Hart Family Patriarch, Stu Hart. Recently, Natalya wrote a heartfelt article in the Calgary Sun, where she shared her thoughts and memories growing up around the Hall of Fame Wrestler. Here are a few excerpts from that article.

"My grandfather came by his toughness and tenacity the old-fashioned way. Growing up, he was homeless. Amateur wrestling became my grandfather’s salvation when he was young. Amid a very difficult childhood, what started merely as a way for my grandfather to find shelter and refuge in the brutally cold Northern Alberta winters became his destiny. In 1973, he was crowned the Dominion Amateur Wrestling Champion. Wrestling found him and it saved his life."

"The first car I ever owned was given to me by my grandfather. I was 16 and I had just learned to drive. Stu gave me his 1979 Cadillac Eldorado. The seats were velvet and it was baby blue. My first real car and I was over the moon! Granted, the engine rumbled and rattled a lot, the brakes needed work, and it had clearly seen better days. That didn't matter because it was a piece of my grandfather that he was giving to me. To this day, that car is my favorite of all the cars I’ve ever owned. I didn’t know it then, but everything about that car represented everything that is important to me: loyalty, family and hard knocks."

This article was indeed a window, into Natalya's love for the business of professional wrestling and for her love of her Grandfather, the legendary Stu Hart.

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