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Kurt Angle Comments On His Near Death Experiences, His Return To The WWE...

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

In a recent interview with Metro UK, former multiple time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle spoke on a lot of noteworthy topics. Here are some highlights.

Angle speaks on having a few near death experiences, as the result of his addiction to painkillers.

"It was all accidental. You have to remember I was fortunate, I had money and I had a family. There are a lot of people who lose everything, and they become not only depressed, but that they don’t have anything to live for. I didn’t get to that point, and the reason is because I was still able to function with my job, and still able to do the things I had to do to provide for my family. There was a point when TNA should have fired me, but they didn’t, so I continued on with my habits because I didn’t get reprimanded.

It wasn’t until the fourth DUI happened that things changed, and the crazy thing is that all four of those cases either got thrown out or reduced to a lesser charge. I should have gotten nailed for at least one of them but I didn’t, so TNA didn’t have to reprimand me."

Angle comments on returning to the WWE, after a near decade long absence from the company.

"I can tell you that it is a completely different world today. They cater to the athletes so much, from diet to exercise, including at the buildings. When I was there before we only had one meal between one and three PM, and if you missed it too bad, but now they’re healthy food at the building until the late evening.

The athletes get drug tested at least four to 12 times a year to make sure they’re clean, and they have a wellness policy where they have to take physicals every year to make sure they can wrestle.

If you bang up your knee and you’re not sure if you’re hurt but you want to go wrestle, you can’t. They’re being more safe than sorry and that’s incredible."

Angle comments on who he'd love to wrestle on today's current WWE Roster.

"AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Sheamus, I love Rusev and I’d love to get my hands on Finn Balor. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know how long Kurt Angle will last, but I’m going to go as long as I can as long as I stay healthy."

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