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Briefcase Briefing

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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So Baron Corbin is now Mr. Money in the Bank (MITB) ! You know what? I am absolutely good with it. I like it when WWE decides to start pushing some fresh talent. I will admit it; I was not the biggest fan of Baron Corbin when I first saw him. He looks like either someone’s abusive stepfather or like someone’s drunk uncle who had gotten out of rehab. I have joked on the guy, but slowly but surely his character has grown on me. Someone who has that look has to be a heel! JBL has harped on and on about how Corbin is a future WWE champion, and he may be right! After all, those lines on commentary are being fed to him by Vince McMahon! Obvious things are obvious, right?

Now that he has the MITB briefcase, where does Baron Corbin go from there? When will he decide to cash in for his chance at the world title? Is he going to do the classic heel move of waiting until the champion is incapacitated after a grueling match? Is he going to insert himself into a match that is already going on? Or is he going to do what I would expect him to do? You see; Baron Corbin seems like the type to come into the ring and just bust the champion in the face with the briefcase before cashing it in and getting the victory. This is what I would expect out of a guy who looks like he would shoot someone on a meth deal! I expect him to cash in the sleaziest way possible. What I am saying is that I expect Corbin to be straight up savage about his cashing in of that briefcase. And with Miz on Monday Night RAW now; Smackdown needs another legit heel to go along with Jinder Mahal.

The next, and more important question is this: How will WWE book him from here on out? Are they going to book him like he is a legit badass, or are they going to have to go on some kind of losing streak so that we are “surprised” when he cashes in? I feel that he should look at strong as possible until he cashes in the briefcase. Why not have him look like a true threat as someone that can be a champion even without a briefcase necessary for cashing in? If WWE is truly serious about making new stars, just like with Jinder Mahal, this is a golden opportunity. There is no need for them to blow their wad right away with it. Give us a little bit of a slow burn; give us plenty of “will he, won’t he” moments, and give us a great promo or two along the way! Also, props to Corbin for actually winning me over!

I’ve addressed the situation with Baron Corbin, so let me do what is right and congratulate the other person who won at Money in the Bank! James Ellsworth, you did it! You have worked so hard for this moment, and now you have a chance to be Smackdown Women’s Cha...wait…what? You mean he didn’t win it, but Carmella is the winner? Look, I know that some people out there have complained about that finish. This was the first Money in the Bank match featuring women ever, and it was won by a guy who dresses like B-Rad from Malibu’s Most Wanted on behalf of a chick who looks like the token white girl dancer in a 50 Cent music video. At first I groaned until I saw James Ellsworth talking trash on Twitter to all the competitors in the match who lost, which shows that he is indeed down with that heel life! In that case, we are going to have to watch Smackdown to see what Daniel Bryan has to say in regards to this! I am willing to see where the angle goes from here, and actually am looking forward to Smackdown to see what are going to do. I wonder why Carmella didn’t simply cash in during the title match to get out of front of Bryan’s attempts to punish her? I am good with everything as long as Ellsworth himself doesn’t try to cash in to become Smackdown Women’s Champion. That would be awkward, but not exactly something out of the realm of possibility with WWE booking (remember Santino Marella winning that Diva’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25?)! Let’s just hope it doesn’t get to that point.

What do you think happens from here? Are you good with this year’s Money in the Bank winners? Or are you upset because one of your internet darlings didn’t win? Reach out to sound off! You can hit up either on Twitter @whosantcox, and you can also follow me on Instagram under the name UltraGoldenAnt where you can see my dank memes and gym selfies!

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