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Former IMPACT Wrestling Star Told By Kevin Owens That It Would Be "Stupid" to Return To Sa

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Photo: ROHWrestling.com

In a recent interview with E&C (Edge & Christian)'s Pod of Awesomeness, former IMPACT Wrestling Star Mike Bennett (Kanellis) spoke on a number of noteworthy topics, here are some highlights.

Bennett commented on receiving advice from Paul Heyman and using that advice to reach out to WWE Executive Triple H (Paul Levesque).

"I actually reached out to Paul Heyman. He was like 'You know, I think you should reach out to Triple H and talk to him and see what he says, I did, I sent him an email and told him 'I just got off (Impact Wrestling)' and this and that, blah blah blah. He emailed me back, he was really nice about it, and said 'I'll have someone be in touch with you.' I'm kind of jaded in wrestling through everything. Hearing that, I was like 'that was great, he was really nice. But if I don't hear from someone I'm not going to be surprised,"

Before being offered a contract for both him and his wife Maria Kanellis, Bennett almost re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling but Kevin Owens encouraged him to wait it out.

"It was about a week before we re-signed when Kevin Owens reached out to us. He's like 'what are you guys doing? I heard you're re-signing with (Impact Wrestling). I don't think you should do that. That's a stupid idea, He's like 'I think you should just wait off a week or so,"

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis debuted in the WWE one week ago, so it would seem that taking the advice of Kevin Owens was a smart move.

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