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Just A Rant!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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Look guys; I am going to just rant for today’s column! Kurt Angle kept us all in suspense for weeks as he took mysterious phone calls. There was a shocking secret, and everyone wondered what it could be! Was he going to reveal that it was him who blew up Vince McMahon’s limo 10 years ago? Was he going to reveal that Dixie Carter was his side piece since she appeared on WWE Network? All I know is that I found myself wanting to watch Raw to find out what the secret was! I mean in most cases, you expect a letdown, but you always hope for the best. As we all know, it was revealed that Kurt Angle slept with a woman while he was in college at Clarion University and BOOM he sired a kid that no one knew about due to a closed adoption. The kid ended up being Jason Jordan, which everyone seems to be fine with.

I am good with it, because being Kurt Angle’s storyline son opens up some doors for Jason Jordan. It gives him a chance to get a push. I am a true believer in the idea that WWE should always be creating new stars. Putting fresh faces in the spotlight allows for people not to get disenchanted by all of the repetitive matches we see each week. Now in the above paragraph I said to hope for the best, but as wrestling fans, you should also prepare for the worst. 10 years ago at this time, we had that storyline where it was revealed that Vince McMahon had a son that he had sired outside of his marriage. After weeks upon weeks of speculation, it was revealed to be Hornswoggle which led to unfunny comedy and was pretty much dropped after a while to the point where most people erased it from their memories. I haven’t smoked enough weed yet to erase it, trust me, I have tried.

In this era where wrestling fans know so much already, where can this actually lead? We all know that Jason Jordan is not really Angle’s son, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be interesting. Just like with any storyline, it has a shelf life. We also know that WWE has a stable of over 25 writers on their creative team who seem to have zero idea how to write compelling weekly episodic television; this is why they are writing for WWE and not Game of Thrones, I guess. I am hoping that the end game is a situation where it is revealed that he really isn’t Angle’s son just so it can lead to a match between to two. That would probably be the best payoff that there is. Two guys with extensive amateur wrestling background going at it has the potential of a passing of the torch moment between the two. I can tell you this, the match would be very good! If Jordan were to go over, it can push him to the next level. If they decide to keep him as Angle’s son, it may pigeonhole him in some ways because it really just leads to lame nepotism storylines. After years upon years of that garbage with the McMahons, do we really need more of that? There is potential here; I am just hoping that creative has a plan to keep fans interested.

Now I want to take this time to talk about the Alberto El Patron-Paige situation! Does anyone else get the feeling that with sex tapes, Paige possibly having charges filed against her, and the alleged drug use that she is trying to get herself fired from WWE? That is what it looks like to me! That she is trying to get fired, so that she can go elsewhere once those 90 days are up. With Paige, maybe this is just the case of someone being given too much too soon by the biggest wrestling organization in the world. She needs to mature a bit, and I feel that El Patron only adds gasoline to an already blazing fire. Honestly, if she left WWE, I would not miss her. I was never really a fan, but I know a lot of the guys reading this are! Sorry, I never got her. I mean I have dated some pretty pasty women before, but DAMN! I hope nothing but the best, and that she can get her own shit together. I made a lot of dumb decisions when I was in my 20s too, but I learned from them! Who knows; maybe she likes the dramatics. I grew up around women who seemed to thrive on drama, so maybe she is one of them!

Also, I think it is good that GFW suspended Del Rio because he has been acting like a jackass! I know that it is hard to know who did what or who started what, but the way he has been acting since leaving WWE really is not the way that the champion of a wrestling company that is on national television should be acting. The guy has been involved in these altercations with Paige, and then cut a shoot promo name dropping WWE at a time when he should be looking at GFW as a fresh start leaving WWE in his rearview where it belongs. I do not understand why they haven’t stripped him of his titles, I am guessing they are waiting for more facts to come out before going that route, but if I were running GFW, I probably would just fire him based on the bad publicity he is bringing to their brand. Guilty or not guilty, he makes GFW look bad each time something new comes out involving him. If it ends up he is exonerated, it isn’t like he can’t be brought back later. What precedent does it set to your other employees if they are seeing “Well the champion can go out there and act like an idiot, so why can’t I?” He just needs to understand proper decorum and professionalism even in a business like pro wrestling. When you are on TV and “famous” (famous to fanboys and marks who hang out at airports just to get pictures with you), that puts your life under the scope. This means that people will have their phones out just to see the goofy shit that you will do so that they can report it to Meltzer or Bruce Mitchell.


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