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Stevie Ray Comments On Jinder Mahal As A Possible Money Maker In The WWE

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

In a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling, former 10 Time WCW World Tag Team Champion and WCW Television Champion Stevie Ray spoke on Jinder Mahal possibly being a huge money maker for the WWE. Ray commented that he's pleased with Mahal's return to the company and it's the "Heat" that will put Mahal over with fans.

"You know, for Jinder Mahal, the talent has always been there. He's just never been given the opportunity, so I'm glad that he came back and gets another shot. The man has proven what he can do. He has the look. I think this man, Jinder Mahal, being the WWE heavyweight champion, throws a monkey wrench in every other thing that was going on and I think it gives credence to other people that can go out there and hold the title and give something we haven't seen in a long time. To come back into professional wrestling, it's called heat. Jinder Mahal is a real heel. He's a real heel and he plays the part to a T. I love the guy, not because he's a friend of mine, but because I think he can pull the wagon if given the right tools to work with, I think he can pull it off. I think he's the real deal and I think WWE can make money from this. I really do,"

Since capturing the WWE Championship, Jinder Mahal's popularity and heat has risen in the past few months with wrestling fans. He's reminiscent of old school champions like the Iron Sheik, Yokozuna and others who gained popularity with the "Anti-American" personas.

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