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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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I watched the incident that went down between Sexy Star and Rosemary at Triplemania XXV over the weekend, and I was appalled by what I had seen. I watched while Rosemary screamed in pain as Sexy Star locked her into a cross arm-bar that was more vicious than any version of it that I had ever seen performed by Alberto El Parton! It was clear that it was a shoot based on the fact that Rosemary started screaming almost immediately once the move was locked in.

While I am no wrestler myself, I understand that when you are in the ring with someone, there is a level of trust there. I know that the goal is to make the match look good while not intentionally hurting your opponent. It’s clear that Sexy Star went out there with an agenda to serve. I am not sure what made her go off the reservation here, but it was definitely uncalled for. It’s a shame because Sexy Star is one of my favorite talents from the Lucha Underground show on El Rey Network. By deciding to act foolish like this, she may have just loaded up the gun for her own execution.

There have been plenty of talents who have spoken out on this! Ring of Honor World Champion Cody Rhodes, for one, said that he she will never share a locker room with him. It may not seem much to the WWE fanboys reading this, but when the World Champion of a major promotion says he doesn’t want you around it speaks volumes! Other promotions have always started cancelling her appearances because of what she has done, and you have to wonder what other long lasting effects it will have. Road Dogg of WWE has already said that she will never be allowed there, so she may have cost herself an opportunity to make things happen on the big stage there without even realizing it.

There really is not any excuse that Sexy Star can make on this one. From what I have read, it is much too late for half hearted and two faced apologies here. Rosemary has been a real pro throughout this whole thing. Why? Because she understands that in their line of business, that they are all professionals out there and she has acted like it. I also give props to everyone involved in making sure that she was OK. This incident only raised Rosemary’s own stock once she completely recovers. As for Sexy Star, she is learning the hard way that the days of purposely hurting an opponent to make some stupid point are over. It is one thing to make pop someone who is phoning it in during the match with a stiff punch, but it is another things to go out there with bad intentions of hurting another person to the point where they cannot work. Sexy Star is pretty much taking money out of Rosemary’s pockets by doing what she did.

Sexy Star burned a lot of bridges going into business for herself, and she not only embarrassed herself but she also embarrassed the AAA promotion as well as the wrestling business itself. She did this at AAA’s biggest event of the year. Sexy Star lost fans, and has probably lost herself money based on the different companies deciding to back off from booking her. Those companies don’t want to risk their reputations either by bringing her in. When you do wrong in the wrestling world, everyone knows about it. This story spread to the wrestling sites like wildfire, and it may be a situation where Sexy Star will want to lay low for a while. I am not saying her career is over, but it is definitely tarnished. If your co-workers can’t trust you in the ring, who is going to want to work with you?

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