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Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Comment On Who They Think Is The Greatest WWE Superstar Of All Time

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

:Photo: WWE.com

In a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's "First Take", WWE Executives Triple H & Stephanie McMahon were asked to share their thoughts on who they thought is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. No major surprise that Triple H and Stephanie picked two bigger than life giants of not only the WWE, but of pro wrestling as a whole; Andre the Giant and The Undertaker.

Stephanie: "For me personally it's got to be Andre the Giant. I think a lot of people wouldsay The Rock, a lot of people might say John Cena, especially recently, but I would say Andre," Stephanie said. "He's a pop culture icon that has transcended media around the world. Of course we have our HBO special that's going to be premiering in a couple of weeks in April and it's just going to be an incredible reflection on the life of an icon."

Triple H: "For me the answer is kind of mixed because there are different aspects to that," Triple H answered. "You can talk about the impact of Hulk Hogan or The Rock and him now being the biggest box office attraction in Hollywood, you can talk about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. But there's one guy for me within our industry that resonates beyond all else. When I go to India or the Middle East or Europe or Japan or Australia, South America, it doesn't matter - one of the names that's always brought up first and foremost is The Undertaker. The character, iconic character of that... it just transcends everything and it is for so many people that kind of character that encapsulates what WWE."

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