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Wade Barrett Speaks On If He'll Ever Return To The Ring

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Photo: WWE.com

In a recent interview with the Sam Roberts Poscast, former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett spoke on a few interesting topics, one of note was whether or not he'll return to pro wrestling. Barrett left the industry all together in 2016, with a few rare appearances on the indy circuit, and he commented that it was indeed a risk.

"Absolutely it was a risk, I mean, it was a risk I needed to take. I hate to portray this as being a guy who wanted to leave WWE and go act in some movies and take it in that direction, but that absolutely wasn't my plan. I left WWE because I was utterly miserable wrestling at the time and I needed to get away from the business."

Barrett commented that he needed to fill a void in his life after pro wrestling and he did that with acting.

"Looking back at some of the acting that I had done, that was what I really enjoyed doing that and I had made some contacts in the UK through some acting work I had done with WWE Studios, and I had a chance to speak with them," fortunately for me there was a script that came up called I Am Vengeance, which I am pretty excited about how things are going, but that certainly wasn't the master plan."

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