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Matt Taven Comments On ROH Running At MSG In April...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Photo: ROHWrestling.com

ROH Superstar Matt Taven spoke with ShiningWizards.com in a recent interview, here are some highlights.

On Ring of Honor running at Madison Square Garden in April

It’s huge. I’m a Boston guy as well. I think anyone northeast can think of like those classic buildings where you would always see wrestling come from: Madison Square Garden, The Boston Garden, The Philadelphia Spectrum. When I think of myself as a wrestling fan as a kid, one of my first memories that pops in my head is Bret Hart winning the title at Wrestlemania at Madison Square Garden. Just the set up of that building and the major things that have happened there…It’s something that probably as a wrestler in the moment, like how I am now, you’re moving forward to that moment and trying to secure the best spot going into that building, and it’s probably not something I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy until years later.

But I always know something is truly big and really getting out there when all my friends and family that aren’t the biggest wrestling fans, but obviously hear big news and start texting me like “Oh my God, The Garden? Are you wrestling in The Garden?” It’s like, oh man, this is happening. For me being a lifelong wrestling fan, it’s a huge event. For Ring Of Honor in general, and obviously me being a part of Ring Of Honor, it’s a huge step in the right direction and getting out there more, and showing people that we’re a major part of this wrestling boom that we’re experiencing.

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