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WWE Superstar Allegedly Not Happy With WWE Storyline...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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There's word in the WWE that allegedly Baron Corbin isn't happy with the current direction the company is taking, when it comes to him feuding with newly promoted superstar Matt Riddle.

According to Gary Cassidy (@WrestlingGary) he interviewed Corbin and had this to say about Corbin's displeasure.

"Sources have indicated to me that, while the plan is for a Matt Riddle vs Baron Corbin rivalry going forward, Corbin only recently found out about those plans and wasn’t too happy with them – insisting that Riddle should have to defeat five enhancement talents before facing him."

As the title suggests, this is allegedly how Corbin feels about the storyline direction and as of this report, we've heard nothing from Corbin directly on the matter.

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