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Jim Ross Offers His Insight As To Why Vince McMahon Wants Wrestlers With Only One Name In The WWE...

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Photo: onlineworldofwrestling.com
Photo: onlineworldofwrestling.com

On a recent episode of his Grilling JR Podcast, iconic pro wrestling announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke on why Vince McMahon opts to use only one name, for many WWE Superstars who have worked for him either in the past or currently. Ross commented that McMahon wants the superstars to be memorable and entertaining.

"It's a showbiz thing, simple as that, Vince wants to be Walt Disney. He wants to be an entertainment mogul, making movies, making T.V. shows, producing pay per views, all the things WWE has done as a publicly traded company."

"It's like Cher, always one name stars. Bono - there's a zillion of them, one name. The theory is that it's easier to remember one name for a person than two names for a person. I don't agree with it. Now you've seen it's come full circle and he's being called Bobby Lashley, but at that time and to this day, look at all the people on the roster that have one name."

Ross went on to speak on Bobby Lashley, who only goes by Lashley now and how early in his career, he worked with top guys in the company like JBL, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, as a way to get Lashley more seasoned as a professional wrestler. Ross said that without a doubt, Randy Orton is the best in the business bar none.

"You get better [when you're in the ring with Orton]," Ross said. "Your athletic juices really start flowing when you see somebody you're in the ring with that's really good. When you're on the same team with Randy Orton, for example, who still is phenomenal - maybe the best worker in the world right now and certainly in WWE, AJ Styles there as well, it makes you work harder when you have that competitive spirit."

*Transcript Credit C/O WrestlingInc.com

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