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Eric Bischoff Comments As To Why Steve Austin Would Have Made A Good Fit For The Four Horsemen

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

On the July 24th Q&A Edition of '83 Weeks' With Eric Bischoff, a question was asked on the possibility of Steve Austin becoming a member of the Four Horsemen, when Austin's run in WCW was starting to gain momentum. Bischoff spoke openly and honestly on what he thought of the idea. He commented that Austin overall would have made a better candidate than the late Brian Pillman.

"I mean if if we were going to cast a movie and retell this story in the form of a movie, and we were going to cast for characters to play the four horsemen and Steve Austin's name was on the list. I think Steve as a four horsemen probably would have been a better casting than Pillman, has nothing to do with talent or anything like that, again, it's just feeling inside."

Bischoff went on to say that Austin would have been a better fit for the Four Horsemen, based on his skills on the mic and the potential chemistry he would have had with Ric Flair and the other members.

"Chemistry. I think chemistry wise the fit would have been a little bit better. With with Austin as a horseman, I could see that very easily in my head, so I probably go yes he would have been a great part of the four horsemen and probably would have been the the focal point of it you know because of visibility on the microphone."

If Steve Austin had stayed in WCW, it would have been very interesting to see him as member of an iconic stable, such as the Four Horsemen. It remains to be seen if he would have had as big a career, as he did as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the WWE.

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